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91 websitesFree WordPress Amazon Machine Tags plugin by Martin Kliehm

Simple inclusion of Amazon items through machine tags.

  1. Identifies any tag in the machine or triple tag form book:isbn=1234567890 or amazon:asin=1234567890. Works with native tags from WordPress 2.3 and later, Bunny’s Technorati Tags, and Jerome’s Keywords.
  2. Gets the item information and a thumbnail image from the Amazon Web Services API.
  3. Displays the item(s) in the sidebar or in a blog article with a link to the visitor’s best match (if the ip2country plugin is installed) or a default Amazon shop of your choice.
  4. If you are an Amazon Associate for that locale, your Associate ID is included automatically.

You can edit the server-side, semantic and valid XHTML output via XSLT, change the CSS, or translate the admin interface through PO-files.

Author: Martin Kliehm

Tags: amazon, api, post, posts, web services

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