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27 websitesFree WordPress Conversation Viewer – Display Chat Bubbles plugin by Ryder Damen

Conversation Viewer is a responsive WordPress plugin for displaying chat conversations between people as if in their native apps.

It allows you to write up conversations between two, or groups of more than two people, without having to take screenshots. These conversations can be easily switched into various messaging app styles. There are a few currently supported styles.

  • Facebook Messenger (the default)
  • Android Messages
  • iOS Texting
  • WhatsApp
  • Snapchat

With responsive CSS, these conversations look great on all screens, are more responsive and accessible than uploading screenshots.

Getting Started & Customization

For the complete documentation on how to do everything including example code, visit the GitHub Readme Page.

Author: Ryder Damen

Tags: Chat bubble, chat bubbles, Conversation Viewer, facebook messenger, speech bubble

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