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What is Chatchamp?

Chatchamp is a software that helps you communicate with your customers via Messenger. Generate leads via send-to-messenger ads that qualify prospects and are sent directly to your CRM. Retarget customers that leave your site with abandoned cart reminders, shipping updates, order confirmations and more. Increase retention with high open-rate and CTR newsletters, product recommendation quizzes, sales and discount notifications, and more.

What Chatchamp Does

Increase sales with Messenger Marketing
* Lead Generation
* Retargeting
* Retention
* GDPR opt-ins

Solve One of E-commerce’s Most Common Problems: Retargeting
Use chatchamp to recover abandoned carts, keep customers informed about order status and shipping, create new leads, increase retention and more.

Automate your Lead Generation
Generate, qualify, and push generated leads to your CRM. Generate up to 80% more leads at up to 50% lower CPL.

Create targeted messages with relevant content sent directly to customers, at the time you want via Facebook Messenger. Use the Segmentation feature to better target customers based off of buying habits, answers to quizzes, interests, and more.

Our features include:

  • Lead Generation: Facebook send-to-messenger ads, lead management, CRM integration
  • Retargeting: automated abandoned cart notifications, order confirmation, and shipping updates
  • Retention: customizable scheduled campaigns, newsletters, campaign templates, quiz-to-product recommendation quiz setup.
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Growth tools
  • Drag and Drop Botbuilder
  • A/B Testing
  • Segmentation via subscriber attributes
  • Reports
  • Subscriber management: provide and delete user data per GDPR
  • Opt-ins: ask for and segment users based on opt-ins via the bot builder

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