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A quicklook into Popup Dialog Box

★ Create a responsive or fixed dimension popup box
★ Full control on popup message content
★ Standard WordPress content editor
★ Timeout based dialog box display
★ Display based on browsed number of pages
★ Css settings like color, z-index, border, opacity etc
★ Option to exclude dialog box for logged in users
★ Shortcode for displaying popup dialog box in specific pages
★ Display specifically in pages/posts/home page

This plugin allows you to create a responsive popup dialog box with custom content in your site. You can customize the popup display by configuring various settings such as position settings (height, width, top, left), display logic settings (trigger based on timeout after page load, based on number of pages browsed, popup repeat interval) and style settings(z-index, color, border etc). The plugin supports automatic and manual (shortcode) display. You can use the plugin to display any type of contents such as special promotions, subscription forms, social media icons, feedback forms, video presentations and much more.

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Popup Dialog Box is developed and maintained by XYZScripts. For any support, you may contact us.

Popup Dialog Box User Guide
Popup Dialog Box FAQ

More Information

Popup Dialog Box User Guide
Popup Dialog Box FAQ


Please read the FAQ first if you are having problems.



WordPress 2.8+
PHP 5+ (Recommended)


IE 7+, FireFox 2+, Chrome, Safari 3+, Opera 8+


We would like to receive your feedback and suggestions for the betterment of this plugin. You may submit them at our support desk.


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