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21 768 websitesFree WordPress Sidebar Login plugin by Mike Jolley

Sidebar-Login adds a useful login widget which you can use to login from in the sidebar of your WordPress powered blog.

Once a user logs in it then redirects them back to the page they logged in from rather than the admin panel (this is configurable).

If you’d like to contribute code to the plugin you can do so via GitHub.

If you’d like to contribute a translation, the project is hosted on


Simply go to Appearance > Widgets and drag “sidebar login” to the sidebar of your choice. Within the widget are several options you can use for changing the titles or the links displayed to the user.

To use this widget in a template, use the the_widget() function which WordPress provides.

Tags for titles + links

These tags can be used in the widget settings for titles + links and will be replaced at runtime.

  • %username% – logged in users display name
  • %userid% – logged in users ID
  • %firstname% – logged in users firstname
  • %lastname% – logged in users lastname
  • %name% – logged in users firstname + lastname
  • %admin_url% – url to WP admin
  • %logout_url% – logout url
  • %buddypress_profile_url% – Buddypress Profile URL
  • %bbpress_profile_url% – Buddypress Profile URL
  • %avatar% – User Avatar

Filter Reference

  • sidebar_login_js_in_footer – return true to show JS file in the footer instead of the header
  • sidebar_login_include_css – return false to not include the CSS stylesheet
  • sidebar_login_widget_logged_in_links – An array of links shown when logged in.
  • sidebar_login_widget_logged_out_links – An array of links shown when logged out.
  • sidebar_login_widget_display – Return false to hide the widget.
  • sidebar_login_widget_logged_in_title – The widget title shown when logged in.
  • sidebar_login_widget_avatar_size – The avatar size – defaulted to 38 (thats in px)
  • sidebar_login_widget_logged_out_title – The widget title shown when logged out.
  • sidebar_login_widget_form_args – Arguments for the wp_login_form function.
  • sidebar_login_widget_login_redirect – Redirect URL after login.
  • sidebar_login_widget_logout_redirect – the redirect after logging out.
  • sidebar_login_widget_register_url – The URL for registration links.
  • sidebar_login_widget_lost_password_url – The URL for lost password links.
  • sidebar_login_widget_wp_login_form – The HTML of the Login form.

Action Reference

  • sidebar_login_widget_start – Fired before the widget.
  • sidebar_login_widget_{logged_in || logged_out}_content_start – Fired before the widget content.
  • sidebar_login_widget_before_{logged_in || logged_out}_links – Fired before the links.
  • sidebar_login_widget_after_{logged_in || logged_out}_links – Fire after the links.
  • sidebar_login_widget_{logged_in || logged_out}_content_end – Fired after the widget content.
  • sidebar_login_widget_end – Fired after the widget.


  • Due to AJAX not working across different domains (see same_origin_policy), AJAX logins will be disabled if your site it non-SSL, but the FORCE_SSL_ADMIN constant is set to true. Instead it will fallback to a traditional POST.

Author: Mike Jolley

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