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Spider FAQ is an endlessly flexible and user-friendly plugin to create informative and easy to reach Q&A content with categories and images.

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Spider FAQ allows you to provide the users with a well-designed and informative question/answer section, which can significantly decrease the amount of user inquiries on various issues. The plugin is highly customizable and is one of the best FAQ tools that can be found in WordPress plugin directory.

FAQs usually contain a large amount of questions/answers on various topics. When the number of questions is big enough, it is necessary to organize them for the easier navigation and user-friendliness. For that very reason, this WordPress plugin allows creating different categories to be able to organize the questions accordingly, including searching possibility for even simpler use.

In addition, standard categories (e.g. an existing post category) can also be included in the set of FAQ categories. The commercial version of the plugin includes 22 built-in themes, as well as option of creating new themes from scratch.

If you want to customize the design of the FAQ, you can buy the commercial version here. The color, font, dimensions and appearance of each element are customizable in the commercial version.

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