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WPS coupon management gives you full functionality to manage discount coupons.
It gives functionality like setting coupon expiry date, Auto coupon code generation or custom coupon code placement and
coupon image selection from wordpress media gallery OR via direct http URL.

In the front view it gives full coupons listing as well as short code placement to copy and pest to post/pages.

Attractive coupons listing with full details in popup window.

All the coupons list using scroll effect and it will be append new coupons till the end of coupons listing.hence, it will give nice listing effect.

With use of single short code you can place coupon in any page/post with automatic generated short code. you can see the same in coupon listing page.


  • Custom post type for discount coupon management
  • Due to custom post type user will get same look like adding post/page.
  • Random Coupon code generation while adding coupon OR Manual code entries allows up to 10 characters.
  • Coupon Images directly adding from default WordPress media gallery OR you can use directly put via http URL.
  • Coupon wise tagging.

  • For listing the coupon at front you needs to use simple short code.
    In version 1.0 All the coupons listing short code was [wps-coupon-view-mode]
    In version 2.0 All the coupons listing short code is [wps-all-coupons-view couponviewname=”Use Unique Name”] (More information check sett ing page).
    In version 2.0 single coupon listing short code is [wps-signle-coupon-view id=”359″]. For more info check coupon list page.

  • Custom URL setting for each coupon to redirect at external site.

  • Coupon list view with Auto loading, based mouse scroll events and coupons are loading via AJAX call which will not load all the coupons at once and give smooth interface to users.
  • Responsive coupons listing.
  • Separate taging view which will display all the coupons with same tag.
  • Tested up to latest version WordPress 3.6

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