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With ZM Ajax Login & Register, you can create a custom login and registration page. No need for any custom post types, just create a normal WordPress page, add your own custom logo, text, and use the following shortcode [ajax_login], [ajax_register].

From the settings you can assign login and register modal boxes to menu items, and add a redirect URL. By assigning the login and register modals to menu items users will be able to click menu items, will display a single login or register form in a modal without any post content. Once the users login they can be redirected to a custom page, for example: “dashboard”, or “welcome”.

Now your visitors can login or register from the page you’ve set-up.

Each form has pre-set styling options and uses AJAX. From the settings you can choose either; stacked (default) or wide styling. Additional styling you can be achieved by adding your custom CSS or using one of the available hooks.
Feel free to contact us and will add any additional hooks you need. The forms use AJAX to verify that the username and email are valid and are not already in use.

If you’ve enabled the Facebook login or register, from your settings, the Facebook button will display in the form. Each user that logins with Facebook will be register as a “subscriber” and their Facebook profile picture will be used as their avatar.


  • Facebook login support
  • Redirect users to a custom URL or page after login, such as; “Dashboard” or “Welcome”
  • AJAX verification for username and email accounts
  • Choose between different styles: stacked (default) or wide
  • Advanced usage includes: Assign login and register modals to menu items, support for custom CSS, several hooks are available as well
  • Now available in Russian thanks to artbelov, Spanish and French thanks to Thomas G

Additional Features

Interested in more features? View our Pro Version, which includes the following:

  • Force user login – Create your own private site
  • Independent Redirect – Send existing users to a “dashboard” page, or new users to a “welcome” page.
  • Free dedicated support for 1-year
  • Additional features to come!


ZM AJAX Login Register works well with the following plugins


ZM AJAX Login & Register is available in the following languages. Thanks to the respective contributors:

Interested in contributing a translation? Please reach out to us via:


Note your site will need to be open to registration.


The following implies for creating a login or register page.

  1. Create a page
  2. Add the following shortcode [ajax_login] or [ajax_register]
  3. Publish the page

Facebook Integration

  1. Create a Facebook App
  2. Add your Facebook App ID
  3. Add the URL your Facebook App is associated with

Additionally we’ve created AJAX Login & Register WordPress Plugin help videos to aid in the process


Note your page must support custom menus

  1. Create a menu item; such as “login” you can set the URL to # if need be
  2. Assign a unique class name to the menu item. If you do not see the “class name section”, click on the “Screen options” in the upper corner and check the box for “CSS Classes”
  3. Copy/paste the class name you just assigned to the menu item
  4. Save the changes for the new menu item
  5. Visit the settings page from the WordPress Admin (Settings –> Ajax Login & Register)
  6. Paste the CSS class name in the appropriate field, either “Login Handle” or “Register Handle”
  7. Save the settings

Additionally you can assign a URL to a page the user is redirected to once logged in. The default is the site home page.


Please use the following resources for support.

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