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Free WordPress Easy Author Image plugin by Jesse LawsonFree

Easy Author Image

by Jesse Lawson
Easy Author Image gives you the option do you exactly that — easily add an author image to your profile page. Once you install this plugin, you’ll have a new option...
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Free WordPress Caxton – Create Pro page layouts in Gutenberg plugin by PootlePressFree

Caxton – Create Pro page layouts in Gutenberg

by PootlePress
Caxton is a page layout plugin for Gutenberg. Caxton makes it easy to layout your pages in any grid configuration, and then add blocks within your layout. Caxton layouts support...
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Free WordPress WP Attachments plugin by Marco MilesiFree

WP Attachments

by Marco Milesi
WP Attachments is a plugin that enhance the download experience and file managing in WordPress. It adds some features for attachments and “automagically” shows...
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Free WordPress PageLines Platform 5 plugin by PageLinesFree

PageLines Platform 5

by PageLines
Welcome to PageLines Platform. This plugin connects your site to the PageLines platform and infrastructure.It’s designed to help you build great websites, faster.Editing...
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Free WordPress WP Private Content Plus plugin by Rakhitha NimeshFree

WP Private Content Plus

by Rakhitha Nimesh
WP Private Content Plus simplifies the process for protecting your important site content from guests,members,specific user roles or group of selected users. This plugin supports...
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Free WordPress Unveil Lazy Load plugin by Daisuke MaruyamaFree

Unveil Lazy Load

by Daisuke Maruyama
Unveil Lazy Load is a WordPress Plugin whitch makes lazy-image-load possibleto decrease number of requests and improve page loading time.This plugin has the following features...
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Free WordPress WP Simple Galleries plugin by Matthew McConnellFree

WP Simple Galleries

by Matthew McConnell
A simple plugin that adds an image gallery to each post and page.Most gallery plugins seem to be fancy and advanced but sometimes you just want a simple solution to add images...
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Free WordPress Open in New Window Plugin plugin by Keith P. GrahamFree

Open in New Window Plugin

by Keith P. Graham
The Open in New Window Plugin Plugin uses JavaScript to target external links to a new browser window, leaving your blog page open.Since it uses javascript, it targets more...
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Free WordPress Widgets Controller plugin by IndiaNICFree

Widgets Controller

by IndiaNIC
Want to mange your widget the way you want? Well, the widget controller is very imperative application for managing your page-widget. This allows you to show or hide the widgets...
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Free WordPress Coming Soon by Supsystic plugin by supsystic.comFree

Coming Soon by Supsystic

Choose professional coming soon template and edit content with drag-and-drop builder to show your visitors that you website is under construction or maintenance mode. Collect...
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Free WordPress rw Quick Page and Post Redirects plugin by Douglas Free

rw Quick Page and Post Redirects

by Douglas "BearlyDoug" Hazard,
This plugin has two redirect functionalities – “Quick Redirects” and “Individual Redirects”:Current Version 1.0.1A nod/homage to the original...
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Free WordPress Elementor WHMCS Elements For Elementor Page Builder plugin by VOID CODERSFree

Elementor WHMCS Elements For Elementor Page Builder

This plugin adds new element / widget such as: Domain Searcher, Live domain Searcher, Pricing table, Live pricing table which fetches pricing from your WHMCS directly so you...
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Free WordPress hpb Dashboard plugin by JustSystemsFree

hpb Dashboard

by JustSystems
“hpb Dashboard” plug-in has the function which imports data created by “Home Page Builder 17/18/19/20” into WordPress website.“Home Page Builder...
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Free WordPress StylePress for Elementor plugin by dtbakerFree

StylePress for Elementor

by dtbaker
This is a free plugin for Elementor Page Builder.It provides two things:A full site builder using Elementor (design your entire website without a Theme)Adds extra widgets...
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Free WordPress One Page Portfolio plugin by Pengyi WangFree

One Page Portfolio

by Pengyi Wang
The plugin can diplay all your works on one page using a shortcode[opp]. You can choose one category as your portfolio categorythen publish your works post one by one to the...
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Free WordPress LoftLoader plugin by Loft OceanFree


by Loft Ocean
Small and powerful. LoftLoader helps you to add a beautiful animated preloader to your website, and have full control of its look, without writing any code.Features...
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Free WordPress Facebook Like Page Locker Lite plugin by WP Happy CodersFree

Facebook Like Page Locker Lite

by WP Happy Coders
If you want to convert your site traffic to your Facebook fan page likes and boost your fan page social media profile, then Facebook Like Page Locker Lite is the right one...
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Free WordPress WordPress Portfolio Plugin (WP Portfolio) plugin by puravida1976Free

WordPress Portfolio Plugin (WP Portfolio)

by puravida1976
A plugin that allows you to show off your website portfolio through a single page on your wordpress blog with automatically generated thumbnails. To show your portfolio, create...
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Free WordPress Infinite-Scroll plugin by Beaver6813, dirkhaim, Paul Irish, benbalter, Glenn NelsonFree


by Beaver6813, dirkhaim, Paul Irish, benbalter, Glenn Nelson
Infinite scroll has been called autopagerize, unpaginate, endless pages. But essentially it is pre-fetching content from a subsequent page and adding it directly to the user’s...
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