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Free WordPress Uptopromo Publisher Indonesia plugin by ipnino.ruFree

Uptopromo Publisher Indonesia

Plugins ini hanya tersedia dalam bahasa Indonesia.Plugin UpToPromo untuk publisher di monetize yang mudah dengan cara menyewakan ruang iklan...
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Free WordPress Easy ToolBox plugin by Frederic Galline;Free

Easy ToolBox

by Frederic Galline;
EasyToolbox is an All in One plugin. with, it will be very easy to optimize your site for search engines and/or add “social” to retain your audience. Easytoolbox...
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Free WordPress Google Translate plugin by Seo UK TeamFree

Google Translate

by Seo UK Team
With Google Translate Widget you can show your website content in many different languages using the Google Translate engine.FeaturesWork only as a widget.Automatically detect...
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Free WordPress Social Share Buttons plugin by spyrosliFree

Social Share Buttons

by spyrosli
Add Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Digg share buttons as well as an Email share button and print button. Above and/or below your pages and posts. It’s...
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Free WordPress CopyLink plugin by Dejan SEOFree


by Dejan SEO
CopyLink is a WordPress plugin which places automatic links on text copied from your website.People copy content from websites they visit and spread it around via email, social...
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Free WordPress flodjiShare plugin by flodjiFree


by flodji
EN:Just install flodjiShare to enable Social Sharing and SEO-Features on your WordPress site. This Plugin is also compatible to Multi-Author Blogs.Let Visitors share your...
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Free WordPress lazysizes plugin by Patrick SletvoldFree


by Patrick Sletvold
lazysizes is a WordPress plugin for the fast (jank-free), SEO-friendly and self-initializing lazyloader with the same name. Support includes images (including responsive images...
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Free WordPress Smartkit plugin by SmartCatFree


by SmartCat
Smartkit adds many small and useful tools to your WordPress sitesuch as Social sharing, floating social icons, favicon, google analytics code, custom css, fontawesome and...
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Free WordPress Seotudy plugin by SeotudyFree


by Seotudy
Our Features✔️ Add Google Analytics Code✔️ Add Google Search Console Code✔️ Add Yandex Metrica Code✔️ WP-JSON Security✔️ SSL Redirects✔️ Title And...
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Free WordPress Hub5050 Ranking and Competitor Tracking plugin by Clinton [CreatorSEO]Free

Hub5050 Ranking and Competitor Tracking

by Clinton [CreatorSEO]
Free website ranking tool for your keywords. Track your website ranking using the Hub5050 website keyword ranking plugin. Compare your competitors ranking and help identify...
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Free WordPress SeoHide plugin by Petrozavodsky VladimirFree


by Petrozavodsky Vladimir
Plugin banning links to transmit PageRank domains recipients.The plugin Seo Hide uses the redirect pages alternation javascriptIt is recommended to use in order to avoid sanctions...
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Free WordPress Simple Tel Tracking plugin by Harry Mumford-TurnerFree

Simple Tel Tracking

by Harry Mumford-Turner
Uses jQuery to add Google Analytics tracking code to all tel links and mailto links on all pages.Add and enable pluginIt just works!The plugin is open-source, the code is...
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Free WordPress RIU – Responsive Image Uploader plugin by BrandUpFree

RIU – Responsive Image Uploader

by BrandUp
RIU fixes image problems, caused by mobile device and screen resolution diversity, such as accessibility, quality, maintenance and SEO. RIU keeps your subject in focus so...
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Free WordPress Inbound Brew plugin by Inbound BrewFree

Inbound Brew

by Inbound Brew
Inbound Brew is an all-in-one marketing plugin that offers SEO and inbound marketing tools, completely free.Marketers and small business owners can take advantage of Inbound...
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Free WordPress Detect AdBlock plugin by AlobaidiFree

Detect AdBlock

by Alobaidi
Detect AdBlockDetect AdBlock and prevent browsing when the visitor has AdBlock in the browser.The FeaturesEasy to use and fast.SEO Friendly, no affected with SEO.Prevent website...
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Free WordPress Really Static plugin by Erik SefkowFree

Really Static

by Erik Sefkow
Really-static generates static html-files out of your blog. Every time a Post is published/edited/delted or a comment is posted, changes will be automaticly written to the...
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