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Free WordPress DW Question & Answer plugin by DesignWallFree

DW Question & Answer

by DesignWall
DW Question and Answer is a WordPress plugin which builds a complete Question & Answer system for your WordPress site, like Quora or Stackoverflow. The plugin supports...
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Free WordPress AnsPress – Question and answer plugin by Rahul AryanFree

AnsPress – Question and answer

by Rahul Aryan
AnsPress is an open source, developer friendly, question and answer plugin for WordPress. AnsPress adds a full question and answer system to your existing WordPress site...
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Free WordPress Wp-Pro-Quiz plugin by Julius FischerFree


by Julius Fischer
A powerful and beautiful quiz plugin for WordPress.FunctionsSingle ChoiceMultiple Choice“Sorting” Choice“Free” Choice“Matrix Sorting” ChoiceCloze...
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Free WordPress Question and Answer Forum plugin by David WoodfordFree

Question and Answer Forum

by David Woodford
Allows a question and answer forum to be added to a site/blog. Can be fully integrated with your theme using custom post types though knowledge of these is not required to...
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Free WordPress WP Super FAQ plugin by rfrankelFree

WP Super FAQ

by rfrankel
WP Super FAQ uses the WordPress 3.1+ custom post types and taxonomies to include support for an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions/Question and Answer) on your site. The interface...
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Free WordPress mTouch Quiz plugin by G. Michael GuyFree

mTouch Quiz

by G. Michael Guy
Create a multiple choice quiz (or exam). This plugin was written with learning and mobility in mind. The quiz interface is touch friendly. You can: specify hints based on...
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Free WordPress Question Answer plugin by PickPluginsFree

Question Answer

by PickPlugins
Built Question Answer site for your WordPress.Question Answer by https://www.pickplugins.comQuestion Answer – BundleLive DemoDocumentationPlugin support.Archive...
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Free WordPress Easy Spoiler plugin by dyerwareFree

Easy Spoiler

by dyerware
This plugin allows you to easily create spoilers with a shortcode. An attractive, animated container with a hint to its content and a show/hide button are created. Admin...
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Free WordPress WP Spam Fighter plugin by Henri BenoitFree

WP Spam Fighter

by Henri Benoit
This plugins prevents comment spam without requiring you to moderate all comments or your users to use user-unfriendly captchas or answer stupid arithmetic questions.It works...
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Free WordPress Discussion Board – WordPress Forum Plugin plugin by Catapult ThemesFree

Discussion Board – WordPress Forum Plugin

by Catapult Themes
Discussion Board is an easy way to add a forum to your WordPress site. It has a one-click installation and stacks of essential features that make it the leading WordPress...
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Free WordPress Easy Shortcode Buttons plugin by Alex ThorpeFree

Easy Shortcode Buttons

by Alex Thorpe
Ever wanted to add great looking download links on your site? Need to add call to action buttons but don’t want to code? Easy Buttons is the answer. It is the easiest...
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Free WordPress Question answer plugin by MidealFree

Question answer

by Mideal
Question answer, ajax, bootstrap, gravatar avatar plugin with email notification. It looks like a chat. Add shortcode [mideal-faq-form] on your page to set the form question...
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Free WordPress WP SEO HTML Sitemap plugin by Magna Technology, LLCFree


by Magna Technology, LLC
If you use WordPress SEO by Yoast Plugin as your main SEO plugin, you may have noticed they don’t have a HTML sitemap feature. This plugin is the answer to that problem.Features...
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Free WordPress Smart FAQ plugin by brooksXFree

Smart FAQ

by brooksX
Provides A nice Frequently asked Questions Page with answers hidden untill the question is clicked then the desired answer fades smoothly into view.Having FAQ’s on one...
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Free WordPress SS Quiz plugin by SSVadimFree

SS Quiz

by SSVadim
With SSQuiz you can make quizzes really fast. Add questions/quizzes, rearrange questions, edit answers, insert multimedia in questions – all of this can be done on single...
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Free WordPress Chained Quiz plugin by Kiboko LabsFree

Chained Quiz

by Kiboko Labs
This is an unique chained / conditional logic quiz plugin that lets you create quizzes where the next question depends on the answer to the previous question.To publish...
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Free WordPress Yes/No Chart plugin by kohseiworksFree

Yes/No Chart

by kohseiworks
This plugin provides the function to create a set of questions to answer with “yes / no (/or other)”. Requires PHP: 5.5Yes/Noチャートを作れるプラグインです。必須PHPバージョン:5.5The...
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Free WordPress CafePress Widget plugin by widgetFree

CafePress Widget

by widget
The CafePress Widget ( was created to answer the call of many shopkeepers: I want a fun way to advertise my gear. We’ve finally created the...
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Free WordPress JSON Content Importer plugin by Bernhard KuxFree

JSON Content Importer

by Bernhard Kux
Display live data from a JSON-feed / API on your wordpress-site!This is the answer when you ask: Why Do I Need this Plugin on my Website?JSON Content Importer – API-...
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Free WordPress WP DS FAQ Plus plugin by Kimiya KitaniFree


by Kimiya Kitani
WP DS FAQ Plus is the plugin which was improved based on WP DS FAQ 1.3.3. This plugin includes the fixed some issues (Quotation and Security, such as SQL Injection and CSRF...
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