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Free WordPress Cool Tag Cloud plugin by WPKubeFree

Cool Tag Cloud

by WPKube
The plugin renders a tag cloud using a professionally designed tag image as a background.The plugin’s tag cloud is completely responsive and is correctly rendered in...
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Free WordPress WP Category Tag Cloud plugin by Henri BenoitFree

WP Category Tag Cloud

by Henri Benoit
WP Category Tag Cloud provides a configurable widget displaying a cloud of tags, categories or any other taxonomy.The cloud elements can be displayed in different ways (see...
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Free WordPress 3D Tag Cloud plugin by Vinoj CardozaFree

3D Tag Cloud

by Vinoj Cardoza
3D Tag Cloud allows you to display your site’s tags using jquery that rotates the tags in 3D.It works just like a regular tags cloud, but is more visually exciting...
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Free WordPress Tag Cloud Canvas plugin by Javier López ÚbedaFree

Tag Cloud Canvas

by Javier López Úbeda
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Free WordPress Cart66 Cloud :: WordPress Ecommerce The Easy Way plugin by Reality66Free

Cart66 Cloud :: WordPress Ecommerce The Easy Way

by Reality66
Cart66’s connected services solve problems you might not have even thought about yet like payment security, keeping email receipts out of people’s spam folders...
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Free WordPress Better Tag Cloud plugin by Nicolas KuttlerFree

Better Tag Cloud

by Nicolas Kuttler
I was pretty annoyed with the default tag cloud widget. It does a lot of things wrong, like inconsistent HTML markup and hardcoded font sizes. So I wanted to write my own...
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Free WordPress Muki Tag Cloud plugin by MukiFree

Muki Tag Cloud

by Muki
Another wordpress tag cloud plugin based on jQCloud plugin, which is creative, beauty and colorful.If has any suggestion of design thought, please visit and leave comments...
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Free WordPress SCORM Cloud For WordPress plugin by Rustici SoftwareFree

SCORM Cloud For WordPress

by Rustici Software
SCORM Cloud For WordPress enables you to manage and deliver training from within WordPress. Harnessing the SCORM Engine powered SCORM Cloud training delivery service, this...
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Free WordPress WP-Cirrus plugin by Christian Kramer & Hendrik TholeFree


by Christian Kramer & Hendrik Thole
WP-Cirrus is a plugin that displays a 3D tag cloud in your WordPress. It can beused as a widget or anywhere on your blog using the [wp-cirrus] code.WP-Cirrus was inspired...
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Free WordPress Ultimate Tag Cloud Widget plugin by Rickard AnderssonFree

Ultimate Tag Cloud Widget

by Rickard Andersson
This is the highly configurable tag cloud widget, the main features for this plugin is:All, single author or multiple authors per cloudSelect which taxonomies or post types...
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Free WordPress Tag Cloud Widget plugin by Waterloo PluginsFree

Tag Cloud Widget

by Waterloo Plugins
Tag Cloud Widget adds a simple tag cloud widget that you can use anywhere on your blog. This plugin looks at all your tags and displays them in a widget. The more times...
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Free WordPress Tag Groups plugin by Chatty MangoFree

Tag Groups

by Chatty Mango
Organize your tags in groups. Use a highly customizable tag cloud (tabs or accordion).Most websites mix up tags that should actually be separated by topics: places, people...
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Free WordPress Rounded Tag Cloud plugin by Agus SuhantoFree

Rounded Tag Cloud

by Agus Suhanto
If you are using standard version of WordPress tag cloud widget, you may feel boring or dislike its look-and-feel. This ’rounded tag cloud’ widget offers different...
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Free WordPress OST 3D Image Tag Cloud plugin by OpenSource TechnologiesFree

OST 3D Image Tag Cloud

by OpenSource Technologies
OST 3D Image Tag Cloud allows you to display your site’s tags using jquery that rotates the image tags in 3D.It works just like a regular tags cloud, but is more visually...
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Free WordPress Tags Page plugin by Honza SkypalaFree

Tags Page

by Honza Skypala
Standard installation of WordPress provides tags for posts and also Tag Cloud widget for 45 most common tags. Unfortunatelly there is no option to offer your web visitors...
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Free WordPress MLS Search Real Estate Cloud plugin by Real Estate Cloud LLCFree

MLS Search Real Estate Cloud

by Real Estate Cloud LLC
Real Estate Cloud MLS IDX Search plugin allows you to publish MLS listings on your website and push the leads into Real Estate CRM available on our website.Main Functionality:*  ...
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Free WordPress Amazon Polly for WordPress plugin by AWS Labs, WP EngineFree

Amazon Polly for WordPress

by AWS Labs, WP Engine
Create audio version of your posts, translate them into other languages and create podcasts! Amazon Polly is a service that turns text into lifelike speech. With dozens of...
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Free WordPress Netlife’s Tag Cloud (FatCloud) plugin by Neil E. PearsonFree

Netlife’s Tag Cloud (FatCloud)

by Neil E. Pearson
A flash-based tag cloud plugin for your WordPress blog. FatCloud, by Netlife, comes with 2 built in themes: ‘Simple Skin’ and the popular ‘Wordle’...
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Free WordPress Autoship Cloud powered by QPilot plugin by Patterns In the Cloud LLCFree

Autoship Cloud powered by QPilot

by Patterns In the Cloud LLC
Highly Requested FeaturesAutoship Cloud enables new features and possibilities for marketers & developers.Subscribe and SaveOffer Unique Scheduled Frequency TypesDays...
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