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Free WordPress My Quicktags plugin by Thomas NorbergFree

My Quicktags

by Thomas Norberg
This a basic quicktag addition for “two” quicktags that I needed for my plugin and then some. But anyway its a html encoder and an easier way to generate shortcode...
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Free WordPress Comment Form Quicktags plugin by RegenFree

Comment Form Quicktags

by Regen
This plugin inserts quicktags of the admin page to the upper part of textarea of the comment form.FeaturesYou can edit tags in the admin page.You can limit quicktags by user...
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Free WordPress Read More Inline plugin by Stephen GrayFree

Read More Inline

by Stephen Gray
Allows you to use the ‘read more’ quicktag to hide the content following it and instead show a ‘read more’ link. When the user clicks the link, they...
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Free WordPress QuickTags plugin by RafiLabsFree


by RafiLabs
Allows for front-end tagging of posts. It uses jQuery UI autocomplete to search the WP DBand return the closest matching tag based on the search term. If no tag was found,you...
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Free WordPress LMB^Box Smileys plugin by Thomas MontagueFree

LMB^Box Smileys

by Thomas Montague
LMB^Box Smileys Plugin is for the Bloging System WordPress (www.wordpress.org). It is an easyway to add better smiley support to wordpress. WordPress has a smileys feature...
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