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Free WordPress Sitemap plugin by webvitalyFree


by webvitaly
Code moved to Page-list plugin Please, delete Sitemap plugin and install Page-list plugin instead. Don’t be afraid, the functionality of these plugins is the same.Silver...
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Free WordPress Page-list plugin by webvitalyFree


by webvitaly
Silver Bullet Pro | Page-list | all Page-list params | Donate | GitHubshortcodes:[pagelist] – hierarchical tree of all pages on site (useful to show sitemap of the...
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Free WordPress Anti-spam plugin by webvitalyFree


by webvitaly
Anti-spam Pro | Anti-spam | Donate | GitHubAnti-spam plugin blocks automatic spam in comments section. No captcha.Plugin is easy to use: just install it and it just works.Blocked...
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Free WordPress Search by Google plugin by webvitalyFree

Search by Google

by webvitaly
WordPress Pro plugins | Search by Google plugin | Donate“Search by Google” plugin adds Google search form widget. It helps user to search on site using Google.Widget...
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Free WordPress Security-Protection plugin by webvitalyFree


by webvitaly
Speedup & Protect WordPress | Security-Protection | Donate | GitHubWhy humans should prove that they are humans by filling captchas? Lets bots prove that they are not...
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Free WordPress Magic Slider plugin by webvitalyFree

Magic Slider

by webvitaly
WordPress Pro Plugins | Magic Slider | Donate | GitHubMagic Slider features:Responsive slider based on bxslider jQuery pluginPlugin has basic settings which can be overwritten...
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