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490 websitesFree WordPress Ad Blocking Advisor plugin by Pat O'Brien

Ad Blocking Advisor adds a simple and elegant notification bar to your website that only displays to those visitors who are using ad blocking software with their browsers. The purpose of the notification is to ask (or advise) your visitors to whitelist your website. Whitelisting means your ads are displayed, and that’s more revenue to keep you motivated to create more content!

What makes Ad Blocking Advisor different is that it is not limited to just one popular ad provider. In fact, the plugin uses a JavaScript file names ads.js which is popular among ad-blocking software to block! The ads.js inserts a hidden DIV in the footer of your site – you’ll never see it! If the div does not load because it is being blocked then the plugin will display the banner asking (advising) your visitor to whitelist your site!


  • Quickly change the text that’s displayed in the notification banner.
  • Easily change the location on your site that the banner is displayed.
  • Easily change the background color.
  • Easily change the font color.
  • Easily change the font size.
  • Allow or disallow setting a cookie.
  • Allow or disallow visitors to dismiss the banner by showing an (X) close icon.
  • When the visitor clicks the close (X) icon to close your banner, if cookies are allowed, then the banner will remain hidden until the cookie expires.
  • Easily change the cookie expiration date.
  • Anti-caching in place with ads.js so that the banner will display more reliably.
  • Uninstalling the plugin will clean up all data it has stored in the WordPress database.

Author: Pat O'Brien

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