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Easily and quickly create AJAX contact forms that you can then embed in posts, pages and widget areas. Supports honeypot anti-bot validation and Google ReCAPTCHA to protect against spam. Customise the email body on a per-form basis, all submissions are logged as well as emailed.

Form headings, labels, fields and error messages are easy to style using CSS. Form validation and submission degrades gracefully when JavaScript is disabled on the client system.

  • Main Features
    • SSL Support
    • Unlimited number of fields
    • jQuery AJAX Validation/Submission
    • Degrades gracefully with JavaScript off
    • Powerful JavaScript enhanced form editor interface
    • Form submission logging
    • Customise form email notification body
    • Allows multiple forms/form instances per page
    • Intuitive, really easy to use admin interface
    • Easy to style form display using CSS
    • Uses native wp_mail() function, (works well with WP Mail SMTP)
    • Extra layer of server side form validation (for super-sneaky bots or spammers)
    • Embed forms easily by use of a short code
    • Ability to use the current page/post title or ID in field options or default values
    • AJAX Contact widget
    • Spam Prevention
      • Honeypot
      • Google ReCAPTCHA
    • Multi-Language Support
      • English
      • Slovak by Martin Krcho (
      • Polish by Krzysztof Pałka
  • Field Types
    • Text Input
    • Text Input (Password)
    • Text Input (Read-Only)
    • Text Input (email validation)
    • Password Input
    • Text Area
    • Select Box
    • Multi-Select Box
    • Check box
    • Radio button set
    • Hidden field
    • Read-only text input
    • H1, H2, H3 & H4
  • Built for WordPress 3.0+

This addon was developed by Integrated Web Services. Feel free to get in contact with us with any feedback or feature requests.

Author: Integrated Web Services

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