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4 516 websitesFree WordPress Anti-Captcha (anti-spam botblocker) plugin by Filidor Wiese

Anti-Captcha is a transparent spam solution that does not require any end-user interaction.
It is based on a nonce key, which is dynamically inserted using randomly generated (and obfuscated) javascript.

The aim of this plugin is to prevent automated attacks (by bots) on the following WordPress actions:

  • Posting comments
  • Registering for a new account
  • Requesting a lost password

When a comment is posted without a valid Anti-Captcha token, it shall be instantly marked as spam. This way, you can always manually approve this comment in hindsight if it appeared to be sincere.

Author: Filidor Wiese

Tags: anti-captcha, anti-spam, blocker, filter, spam

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