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2 565 websitesFree WordPress Archives Calendar Widget plugin by Aleksei Polechin (alek´)

Archives widget that make your monthly/daily archives look like a calendar on the sidebar. If you have a lot of archives that takes a lot of space on your sidebar this widget is for you. Display your archives as a compact calendar, entirely customizable with CSS.


I’m alone to test this plugin before release and I can’t test everything with particular configurations or on different versions of WordpPress, your feedback is precious.


  • Theme Editor GUI (external tool)
  • Displays monthly archives as a compact year calendar
  • Displays daily archives as a compact month calendar
  • Show/hide monthly post count
  • 8 themes included (with SCSS files)
  • 2 Custom themes that keep your CSS style even after the plugin update
  • Different theme for each widget
  • Show widget with previous/current/next or last available month
  • Category select. Show post only from selected categories
  • Filter Archives page by categories you set in the widget
  • Custom post_type partial* support
  • Entirely customizable with CSS
  • .PO/.MO Localisation English/Français + OUTDATED: [Deutsch, Español, Portugues, Simplified Chinese, Serbo-Croatian]
  • jQuery animated with possibility to use your own JS code.

Not just a widget, if your theme does not support widgets, you can use this calendar by calling its function:


you can also configure it:

$defaults = array(
    'next_text' => '˃', //text showing on the next year button, can be empty or HTML to use with Font Awesome for example.
    'prev_text' => '˂', //just like next_text but for previous year button.
    'post_count' => true, //show the number of posts for each month
    'month_view' => true, //show months instead of years archives, false by default.
    'month_select' => 'default', // shows the last month available with at least one post. ('prev', 'next', 'current').
    'different_theme' => 0, // set 1 (true) if you want to set a different theme for this widget
    'theme' => null, // theme 'name' if 'different_theme' == true
    'categories' => null, // array() -> list of categories IDs to show. array(1,2,34)
    'post_type' => null // array() -> list of post types to show. array('post', 'movies')

Custom taxonomies are not supported. If your custom post_type post has no common category with post it will not be shown in the archives


Popover Addon for Archives Calendar Widget
ARCW Popover Addon


Create your own theme for the calendar


Please use the Support section to report issues. No support will be provided via email.

Author: Aleksei Polechin (alek´)

Tags: archives, calendar, sidebar, view, widget

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