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WP AutoTerms plugin helps you with a wide range of legal requirements your WordPress website might be required to keep up with, such as the GDPR law or the requirement to have a disclosure for affiliate links.

Create GDPR Privacy Policy and other legal agreements

WP AutoTerms helps you create three of the most important legal pages your WordPress website needs using a simple wizard, such as a Privacy Policy, a Terms & Conditions agreement or a Cookies Policy.

You can also create your own legal pages and manage them through WP AutoTerms.

Compliance Kits

“Compliance Kits” can help you with certain legal compliance requirements:

  • Links to Legal Pages. Your legal pages must be visible and accessible to all users. Use this Kit and automatically insert the links to your legal pages in the footer section of your website.

  • Update Notices of Legal Pages. It is a best practice to inform users when you have updated your legal pages. After a legal page update, use this Kit to show an announcement bar for a limited time to inform your users.

Premium Features

The following features are available under WP AutoTerms Premium:

  • GDPR Privacy Policy. Create a Privacy Policy with GDPR wording.

  • Cookies Notice. Among other things, the EU Cookies Directive law requires you to inform users that you use cookies through your website. Use this Kit to show an announcement bar to comply with some of the EU Cookies Directive requirements.

    Currently, the Cookies Notice kit IS NOT a solution to load third party JS scripts. You can only use the kit to show a notice message to users.

  • Endorsements. You need to disclose if you have affiliate links on your website. Use this Kit to include a disclaimer at the end of your posts with affiliate links.


WP AutoTerms is provided with the purpose of helping you with compliance. While we do our best to provide you useful information to use as a starting point, nothing can substitute professional legal advice in drafting your legal agreements and/or assisting you with compliance. We cannot guarantee any conformity with the law, which only a lawyer can do. We are not attorneys. We are not liable for any content, code, or other errors or omissions or inaccuracies. This plugin provides no warranties or guarantees. Nothing in this plugin, therefore, shall be considered legal advice and no attorney-client relationship is established. Please note that in some cases, depending on your legislation, further actions may be required to make your WordPress website compliant with the law.


We’re just getting started. Have a chat with us and let us know what you’d like to see added.

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