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This plugins shows a daily Bible verse or a random Bible verse from The plugin also supports (Dutch), (Spanish), (Portuguese) and (German) Bible verses. The verses are from the NIV, KJV, ESV, NBV, BB, BGT, NBG, NVI, RVR60, RVR95, ARC, LUT and NEU translation.

The plugin can be used as a widget, so it’s easy to install. After installing the plugin you will have two widgets: ‘Bible verse of the day’ and ‘Random Bible verse’. You can also use tags: [bibleverseoftheday_niv] and [randombibleverse_niv], replace ‘niv’ with another translation if necessary, see list below.

If the connection to for some reason fails, it will show the previous verse. If there is no previous verse, the plugin will show John 3:16.


  • New Internation Version (niv)
  • King James Version (kjv)
  • English Standard Version (esv)

Nederlands (Dutch)

  • Nieuwe Bijbelvertaling (nbv)
  • Bijbel in Gewone Taal (bgt)
  • Nederlands Bijbelgenootschap (nbg)
  • BasisBijbel (bb)

Widget: ‘Bijbeltekst van de Dag’ (Bible verse of the day) and ‘Willekeurige Bijbeltekst’ (Random Bible verse).

Spanish (Español)

  • Nueva Versión Internacional (nvi)
  • Reina-Valera 1960 (rvr60)
  • Reina-Valera 1995 (rvr95)

Widget: ‘Versículo del día’ (Bible verse of the day) and ‘Versículo de la Biblia al azar’ (Random Bible verse).

Portuguese (Português)

  • Almeida Revista e Corrigida (arc)

Widget: ‘Versículo do dia’ (Bible verse of the day) and ‘Versículo da Bíblia aleatória’ (Random Bible verse).

German (Deutsch)

  • Luther 2017 (lut)
  • Neue evangelistische Übersetzung (neu)

Widget: ‘Bibelvers des Tages’ (Bible verse of the day) and ‘Zufalls Bibelvers’ (Random Bible verse).


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