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Calendar Features

CalPress Calendar

Brand New Features of CalPress Calendar 1.5!!
* New with version 1.55 Subscribe Button Users can now get automatic updates to their own preferred calendar application directly from CalPress Calendar.
* Fully customizable Sidebar Widget with upcoming events, mini-calendar, and links back to calendar events
* Apdaptive Search – your users can now quickly find and calendar event by simply typing the begining of any word in the calendar event title.

An Elegant End User Design with Multiple Calendar Views

  • Four common calendar views – Month, Week, Day, List
  • Single click – full screen calendar mode
  • Interactive slider to navigate calendar days, months or years
  • Quick view pop-up of calendar events is available from the month and week views
  • Calendar is compatible with all major browsers

Use Event Categories to Enhance Calendar Functionality

  • Filter calendar events by category with one-click via the calendar icon
  • Categorize calendar events and assign custom colors to each one
  • Use categories to stay organized with multiple calendars

Publish and Manage Calendar Events Online

  • Create one time or repeating calendar events
  • Set specific start or end dates and time for calendar events
  • Set the day of the week to start on, the date format, and the time format for each calendar event
  • Create all day calendar events with a simple click
  • Add and manage calendar event locations and venues with Google Maps integration
  • Add detail notes to each event in the calendar
  • Import ICS feed from another calendar such as Google Calendar and assign them to specific categories

Make Your Events Viral, Now a Truly Social Calendar

  • Social icons in calendar allows one click posting of events to social networks and sharing with friends and co-workers
  • Share calendar events with Facebook “like” buttons, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn
  • An add to calendar feature allows events to be added to a personal calendar with Google, Oulook, and ICAL formats
  • A brand new Subscribe button on the front-end of the calendar allows user to get automatic updates sent directly to their preferred calendar application.

CalPress Pro Features

You can check out CalPress Calendar Pro here

**Brand New CalPress Pro Calendar 1.5 Features

  • User created calendar events (with review or auto-approval)
  • New advanced repeat and recurring rules to handle complex calendar events
  • New customizable sidebar widget so your calendar sidebar can be fully integrated into the look and feel of your site
  • Brand New shortcode to allow users to see and manage the calendar events they are attending
  • Enhanced attendee management allows you to customize the email response on a calendar event basis. Even have individual paypal return pages for your calendar events with tickets.
  • Add contact information to your calendar events
  • New ics import logic to handle more complex calendar imports
  • So much more – check it out at

Attendee Management (CalPress Calendar Pro Only)

  • Each calendar event can individually be setup for attendance
  • Users can attend events and add them to their calendar
  • One click attendance confirmation with optional Facebook Timeline integration calendar events
  • Collect Attendee registration directly from calendar front end
  • Optional admin email confirmation when a user attends a calendar event
  • View all confirmed event attendees in calendar’s admin panel

Event Ticketing (CalPress Calendar Pro Only)

  • Integrated ticketing with PayPal to sell calendar event tickets online
  • Create different types of tickets ex. Free, VIP etc
  • Set the number of available event tickets for each price level by calendar event
  • Set the last date for ticket sales for each calendar event
  • Built-in and customizable email confirmation for each calendar event
  • Optional admin email confirmation when a user buys tickets from a calendar event

Events Come Alive with Pictures (CalPress Calendar Pro Only)

  • Easily add Pictures to calendar events with the built in media manager
  • Supports all picture formats and displays them in your calendar event
  • Pictures are show as thumbnail in calendar events and as light boxes when clicked on

Other CalPress Pro Features (CalPress Calendar Pro Only)

  • Add website addresses to calendar event details that become links within the event
  • User created calendar events with optional admin approval
  • Multi Language Support to truely make your calendar useful for all of your users – let us know if you are interested in adding new languages

Upcoming Features

Some upcoming features will only be availble only in CalPress Calendar Pro
* Event reminders sent SMS Messaging via Twillio integration
* Integration with EventBrite Event Management

Helpful Link

Although CalPress Calendar has gone through a number of versions it was originally based on all-in-one event calendar

Note: some features are available only on Pro version CalPress Calendar. Please visit for more details

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