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767 websitesFree WordPress Gallery Carousel Without JetPack plugin by Syed Balkhi

I love this Carousel feature that is part of the JetPack plugin however I didn’t like that I was being forced to connect my site with to use a feature that has no connection with Well, I simply forked the Carousel module from JetPack. I am releasing it for all those who want to use this feature with freedom of choice.

The carousel feature transforms your standard built-in WordPRess galleries into an immersive full-screen experience with comments and EXIF metadata.

Want to make your WordPress photo gallery stand out? Then use this jQuery Gallery Carousel without Jetpack plugin.

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Gallery Carousel feature was first intorduced for blogs, and now it is available for all WordPress sites. So YES you can switch from to and still keep the Gallery Carousel functionality by using this plugin.

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