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Easily create a contact form for your WordPress site.

What you get when you use the WordPress contact form plugin

  • Allow users to contact you
  • Create a form with a simple shortcode
  • [think_contact/]

Why you should use a contact form

If you don’t have a contact form on your site now, you may think a contact form is not necessary. You may think you don’t need a contact form because you don’t have a lot of visitors to your site. You may also think a contact form is not necessary because you don’t think anyone wants to contact you.

Both of these reasons are wrong assumptions. You need a contact form on your site. No matter how little your traffic, you should have a contact form from the moment you start your site. Real people are coming to your site and they want to contact you. You need to give them the oppurtunity with a contact form.

The WordPress Contact Form plugin allows you to collect the basic information you need. The contact form provides a place for name, email address, subject, and message.

You should collect a visitor’s name on your contact form because you want to personalize the communications you send back to them. Personalizing messages can get a better response rate than not personalizing them.

Of course it goes to say that you will collect the visitor’s email address on your contact form. You need the email address to be able to contact them back.

The subject line on your contact form is meant to give the sender an opportunity to tell you why they are contacting you. The subject line on your contact form corresponds to the subject line in an email.

What’s going to be in the Contact Form Pro Version

We are hard at work creating the Contact Form Pro Version. The Contact Form Pro Verson will have the following contact form features:

  • Unlimited contact forms
  • Unlimited custom fields for your contact forms
  • Professional contact form templates
  • Submit to an email address, Aweber, Mailchimp, where ever you want the contact form to submit to
  • Custom contact form backgrounds
  • Professional skins for all your contact forms
  • Custom color schemes
  • Place contact forms anywhere on your site
  • Contact form Captcha
  • And much more…

Unlimited contact forms

You may have many different reasons for having someone contact your through a contact form. You may also want to ask for different fields to be submitted on different contact forms based on the user or reason for contacting your through a contact form. Unlimited contact forms gives you the ability to create as many different kinds of contact forms as you need. You can save contact forms as drafts for later use.

Drag and Drop Contact Forms

Our new Contact Form Advanced plugin is built with drag and drop technology. A set of contact form elements have been created with the best technology in the world. Now you can drag these elements directly onto a contact form grid and create your contact form without knowing any code. The contact forms your create will have your audience in awe.

Author: Jeff Bulllins

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