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Passster Age Gate is your complete solution to age restriction for your website or woocommerce shop.
Let users verify their age before they actually access your page.

This comes specially handy if your content or products are about alcohol, gambling or other adult content.

Passster Age Gate make it easier then ever to setup, configure and style an age restriction pop up to protect unallowed access to your page.

How to use

After successfull installation and activation go to the WordPress Customizer. You can find it in your black admin bar.
There is a new section called “Passster Age Gate”. There you can customise all colors, texts, background images, logo and so on.

Next step is in your admin area under Settings->Passster Age Gate. Set up the default age, exclude or include specific pages or prevent the display of the age gate from registered users.


  • Let users verify their age on page visit
  • SEO friendly – This plugin automatically let bots and crawlers bypass the age gate (including google page speed bots)
  • Whitelist / Blacklist: Restrict your content per page, per post or per category
  • Use one or two column mode for additonal explanations
  • Add your own logo and set a unique teaser area (two column mode)
  • Show the age gate only for non-registered users
  • Modify every text, color, background image and more with the WordPress Customizer
  • pre-configured styling with background image and logo give you a simple start point
  • redirect failed logins to a specified page
  • mobil-friendly design


Passster Age Gate Pro comes with some handy advantages over the free version:

WooCommerce Addon

If you have a WooCommerce store you will really like this addon. Add age verifcation to the registration and the checkout or
exclude products directly from your store if the customer does not have the minimum age.

  • Whitelist / Blacklist for products and product categories
  • Add a age verification checkbox to your registration
  • Add a age verification checkbox to your checkout
  • exclude products from your store if the customer does not match your defined age
  • save users age acception in your account and use it later

More Verification Types

We also included some additional verification types in the pro version.
Maybe you want to show your visitors a date picker or a slider instead of a yes or no option.

  • Use a modern date-picker to let users verify their age.
  • Use a slider to let users pick their age


The free support is exclusively limited to the support forum.

Any kind of email priority support, customization and integration help need a valid premium license.


The plugin is coded with modern PHP and WordPress standards in mind. It’s fully OOP coded. It’s highly extendable for developers through several action and filter hooks.

Passster keeps your website performance in mind. Every script is loaded conditionally and all input and output data is secured.


All major texts and information can be modified from the WordPress Customizer .

The plugin is fully translatable in your language. At the moment there are only en_EN and de_DE, but you can easily add your preferred language as a .po/.mo.

It’s also fully compatible with WPML and Polylang.

Author: Patrick Posner

Tags: age gate, age popup, age restriction, age verification, page gate

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