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3 321 websitesFree WordPress Countdown Timer plugin by Andrew Ferguson

Countdown Timer allows you to setup one or more dates to count down to or away from.

Events can be inserted into the sidebar using the widget, or within posts and pages using shortcodes.

Currently supports 22 languages.


Using another language

You’ll need to modify your wp-config.php file. To do this…

  1. Open your wp-config.php file in a text editor and search for: define ('WPLANG', '');
  2. Edit this line according to the language you want to use (and is available). For example, for Deutsch spoken in Germany, you must add: ('WPLANG', 'de_DE');
  3. Once you’ve added your language code, save the file.
  4. Upload the modified wp-config.php file into the WordPress root directory.

Of course, you’ll replace de_DE with the language extension that you want to use, unless of course you actually did want the German language translation. For more information, consult Installing WordPress in Your Language on the WordPress Codex

Languages Available

  • Bosnian translation: bs_BA
  • Catalan (Spain) translation: ca_CA
  • Czech translation: cs_CZ
  • Danish translation: da_DK
  • German translation: de_DE
  • Spanish translation: es_ES
  • French translation: fr_FR
  • Hungarian translation: hu_HU
  • Italian translation: it_IT
  • Lithuanian translation: lt_LT
  • Latvian translation: lv_LV
  • Dutch translation: nl_NL
  • Norwegian translation: nn_NO
  • Polish translation: pl_PL
  • Portuguese [Brazil] translation: pr_BR
  • Romanian translation: ro_RO
  • Russian translation: ru_RU
  • Serbian [Cyrilic] translation: sr_RS
  • Swedish translation: sv_SE
  • Turkish translation: tr_TR
  • Vietnamese translation: vi_VI
  • Chinese translation: zh_CN

Author: Andrew Ferguson

Tags: count, countdown, date, Event, timer

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