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4 210 websitesFree WordPress Custom 404 Pro plugin by Kunal Nagar

IMPORTANT: Please open issues on Github. I will not be using the support area.

Allows users to replace the default 404 page with a custom page from the Pages section in the Admin Panel. Or you can specify a complete URL to redirect on 404.


  • Full 404 Page Control
  • Record 404 Page Data
  • Custom Page Redirect
  • Custom URL Redirect
  • Record Visitor Keywords that led to 404
  • Custom Log Filters
  • Clean code
  • Awesome support

How does it work?

  • WordPress Page: Choose a custom page from the Admin Panel
  • URL: Enter a custom URL for 404
  • Stats: List of all 404s

Author: Kunal Nagar

Tags: 404,404 error page,404 link,404 page,broken link

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