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Cyclone Slider is an easy-to-use slideshow plugin with an intuitive user interface. It’s simple yet extensible.

Why Use It?

  • Simplified workflow: 1.) Add slides 2.) Set slideshow properties 3.) Choose a template 4.) Publish! You can choose between a shortcode or a php function (for themes) to display.
  • Supports 5 different slide types: image, YouTube, Vimeo, custom HTML, and testimonial slides.
  • Translation ready and RTL support. Ideal for languages other than English.
  • Comes with 4 core templates: Dark, Default, Standard and Thumbnails.
  • Advance template system. Not happy with the core templates? The template system allows developers to customize the slideshow appearance and behavior. Perfect for every client projects. More info on templating here.
  • Selective loading. Load only the scripts and styles that you need.
  • Import/export selected slideshows. Moving your slideshow to a different website? No problemo.
  • It’s FREE! Cyclone Slider does not impose the pro version to free users.

More Features

  • Ability to add per-slide transition effects.
  • Customizable tile transition effects.
  • Unlimited sliders.
  • Unique settings for each slider.
  • Supports random slide order.
  • Shortcode for displaying sliders anywhere in your site.
  • Ability to import images from NextGEN (NextGEN must be installed and active).
  • Ability to use qTranslate quick tags for slide title and descriptions (qTranslate must be installed and active).
  • Allows title and alt to be specified for each slide images.
  • Comes with a widget to display your slider easily in widget areas.
  • Ability to fine tune the script settings. You can choose what scripts to load and where to load them.

Cyclone Slider Pro

Cyclone Slider Pro offers even more features:

  • Allow wrap. Slideshow wraps to beginning slide if it reaches the end slide.
  • Dynamic height. For slides with varying height.
  • Delay. Delay start of slideshow
  • Easing. Some cool transition effects.
  • Swipe. Swipe gesture support for touch devices.
  • 6 resize options: Fit, Fill, Crop, Exact, Exact Width, Exact Height
  • Ability to change the image quality: Low, Medium, High, Very High, Max
  • And additional templates: Text, Galleria, Yelp and Twitter



Translation Credits

  • Aubin BERTHE for the French translation.
  • maxgx for the Italian translation.
  • Hassan for the Arabic translation.
  • Javad for the Persian translation.
  • Borisa Djuraskovic for the Serbo-Croatian translation.
  • Gabriel Gil and Digital03 for the Spanish translation.

Do you want to translate Cyclone Slider manually into your language? Check this tutorial.


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Author: Nico Amarilla

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