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Creating sliders with WordPress has always been a tricky business. Similiar plugins try to provide a solution but none really hit the mark. Easing Slider aims to fix that. This plugin focuses on achieving it’s core purpose – to create and manage sliders with ease. It aims to keep slider creation simple, require little to no learning curve, and fit into the WordPress admin area like it was included from the start.

Put simply, Easing Slider makes creating sliders simple by providing just the features you need.

Need additionals features? Easing Slider is fully flexible and can be enhanced with add-ons available to license holders only. Want to gain access? See Pricing.

Some of the best Easing Slider features include:

Primary Features

  • Responsive & ready for all devices
  • Seamless integration with the WordPress admin area
  • Full WordPress Media Library integration
  • Smooth transitions thanks to hardware acceleration
  • Professional & reliable code by experienced PHP developers
  • Lazy Loading for extremely fast page loading times
  • Lots of add-ons to enhance functionality greatly (See our Website)


Need help & support? No problems. If you ever run into any trouble, don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

Additional Features

Easing Slider is highly focused to ensure a solid user experience. To ensure this, we offer our additional features as installable add-ons. This ensures that you’re using only the features you require, with nothing else to pollute your product experience. Some additional feature available include:

  • Simple Captions – Add captions to your slides with minimal effort!
  • Posts Feed – Source slides from WordPress posts, pages, or a custom post type.
  • Thumbnails – Use thumbnails as for slider pagination, instead of icons.
  • Video Slides – Add videos to your sliders from YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia.
  • Carousel – Turn your slider(s) into a carousel, showing multiple slides at once.
  • Lightbox – Link images to a jQuery Lightbox
  • External Images – Add images from external sites via URL


Easing Slider is fully open source. We welcome all contributions, issues and criticism. Please don’t hesitate to follow & contribute through Github. You can find our repository here.

Author: Matthew Ruddy

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