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Easy Author Image gives you the option do you exactly that — easily add an author image to your profile page. Once you install this plugin, you’ll have a new option in the Your Profile tab (under Users) called Profile Picture, complete with a media uploader box that allows you to upload your very own author picture.

Whether you call it an avatar, an author image, or an author picture, Easy Author Image is a “Works Out Of The Box (WOOT-B)” solution to a common problem.

How does it work?

Once you update your profile, your new profile picture will replace every instance of where a Gravatar would normally show up. For every user on your blog (including you), the plugin will first check for an Easy Author Image profile picture and display that. If you or one of your users have not set your profile picture (common on blogs with many users, or with users who prefer to use Gravatar), the plugin defaults to the user’s Gravatar.

Plugin Support

I’m always available to answer questions. You can use the support forum on this plugin (preferred), send me an email, or comment on the announcement and instructions post on my blog.

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Thank you everyone who has downloaded this so far.

Author: Jesse Lawson

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