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An easy BMI calculator shortcode and widget for WordPress. It comes with custom skins so you can choose the design depending on your theme and style. Use the widget or insert the shortcode [bmi_calculator] on any post or page to see your BMI. You can change the skin of the BMI Calculator under “Settings”. There is a large selection of different skins to serve your needs. Pick one that works well with your current theme.

BMI (Body Mass Index) applies to most adults both women and men over 20. BMI does not tell the body fat directly as it just looks the weight relation to your hight. However, this being said, some researches indicate that BMI correlates to direct measures of body fat similar to underwater weighing and is therefore considered to be an inexpensive alternative for these more advanced and more expensive methods that are also available.

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How to use

You can change skin under “Settings” in the WordPress Admin panel.

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