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There comes a time when you need more flexibility than the standard WP gallery offers, That’s when this plugin steps in. This plugin’s goal is to make it easy to create a gallery and place it wherever you need. A perfect example would be to create a product gallery for an ecommerce website and then have the flexibility to position it where you wanted to match your theme’s design.

This plugin allows you to easily create an image gallery on any post, page or custom post type. Images are can be added and previewed from the metabox. Images can be re-ordered by drag and drop.


  1. Added the possibility to add two or more different galleries on one page
  2. Fixed image styles.
  3. Fixed some of PHP errors & bugs.
  4. Drag and drop re-ordering
  5. Add gallery to any post, page or custom post type
  6. If more than one image is added to the gallery, the images become grouped in the lightbox so you can easily view the next one
  7. CSS and JS are only loaded on pages where needed
  8. Images link to larger versions (can be turned off)
  9. Fully Localized (translation ready) with .mo and .po files
  10. Add multiple images to the gallery at once
  11. Uses the thumbnail size specified in Settings -> Media
  12. Custom webfont icon for hover effect
  13. Uses the new WP 3.5+ media manager for a familiar and intuitive way to add your images


Use the shortcode or the function to show the gallery.

Shortcode Usage

Use the following shortcode anywhere in the content area to display the gallery

[easy_image_gallery gallery="XXX"]

Where “XXX” is the ID of the gallery item.

Template Tag Usage

The following template tag is available to display the gallery

if( function_exists( 'easy_image_gallery' ) ) {
    echo easy_image_gallery( "XXX" );

Where “XXX” is the ID of the gallery item.

If you use the template tag above, you will need to remove the default content filter:

Developer Friendly

  1. Modify the gallery HTML using filters
  2. Developed with WP Coding Standards
  3. Easily add your preferred lightbox script via hooks and filters
  4. Easily unhook CSS and add your own styling
  5. Pass in a different image size for the thumbnails via filter
  6. Minimalistic markup and styling

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