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4 384 websitesFree WordPress FLV Embed plugin by Yaosan Yeo

Adds FLV Flash videos into your blog. Video sitemap generation is supported.

For WordPress version older than 2.5, please download version 1.0 here.


  • uses simple, intuitive tags to generate Flash video (FLV) movies for your posts
  • supports video sitemap generation
  • standards compliant: valid XHTML
  • many options are configurable, such as autostart, show/hide control bar, player colour, poster image, full screen button etc.
  • supports text only output for RSS that prompt readers to visit the original post for Flash content
  • supports outputting poster image for RSS if desired
  • accessibility: requires Javascript to display FLV player, but will prompt user to enable Javascript when disabled
  • accessibility: prompt user to download latest Flash player if it is not installed or too old
  • accessibility: no annoying “click to activate” for IE users


This plugin uses one universal, standard tag style:

[flv:url width height]
  • url – the URL of the FLV file you want to embed, the path can either be site-relative or absolute
  • width – width of the FLV movie
  • height – height of the FLV movie

More usage details can be found at the plugin’s homepage.


1.2.1 [2009.01.13]

  • Fixed: Poster image issues with YouTube embed

1.2 [2008.07.18]

  • Upgraded FLV Player to 3.16
  • Added: Custom FLV player location support
  • Added: YouTube video support
  • Added: Google Analytics support
  • Added: Video smoothing option
  • Added: Show download button option
  • Added: Optional raw embed code for RSS
  • Changed: Several options in admin panel to be more user friendly
  • Fixed: wmode transparency issues
  • Fixed: Poster image issues with non FLV files (e.g. mp4)

1.1 [2008.04.22]

  • Upgraded FLV Player to 3.14
  • Added: New video sitemap appearance
  • Added: Auto remove invalid FLV files from custom field during custom field update
  • Changed: Admin option panel for WordPress 2.5+
  • Fixed: Only published post will be included in the video sitemap

1.0 [2007.12.30]

  • Upgraded FLV Player to 3.12
  • Added: Admin option panel
  • Added: Video sitemap support
  • Added: Option to show/hide volume button
  • Added: Option to show/hide stop button
  • Added: Option to show large control bar for visually impaired users

0.3.2 [2007.05.31]

  • Added: Option to show poster image in feeds

0.3.1 [2007.05.19]

  • Fixed: Poster path problem

0.3 [2007.05.10]

  • Upgraded FLV Player to 3.7
  • Switched to SWFObject instead of ufo.js
  • Added: Option to show/hide logo with link
  • Added: Option to set poster and flv movie path
  • Added: Option to show/hide icons
  • Added: Option to set volume
  • Added: Optional tag parameter for poster path

0.2 [2007.02.16]

  • Upgraded FLV Player to 3.5
  • Added: Option to show/hide controller bar
  • Added: Option to change buffer length
  • Added: Option to set overstretch
  • Fixed: IE display problem

0.1 [2007.01.09]

  • Initial release

Author: Yaosan Yeo

Tags: embed, flash, flv, media, video

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