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IMPORTANT: This plugin can ONLY be used with Genesis child themes

WHAT’S NEW: New analytics features and Facebook Comments Widget – see

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Genesis Club Lite is organized into separate modules so you can just load the modules you need.


  • Switch on only the modules you need – there is no bloat in this plugin
  • Enable the plugin selectively for any custom post types you have defined


  • Apply the accordion feature to your FAQ pages
  • Can add special scroll to top with bump for themes with fixed header sections so the answers is always visible at the top of the scrolling section of the page immediately beneath the fixed header
  • Enable the Accordion on your FAQ archives pages to show all the post title (the questions) with the post content (the answer) revealed on clicking each title
  • Added the arrows class that styles accordion with up and down arrows when the accordion is open or closed


  • Add a responsive top bar for your marketing messages
  • Can use different messages for desktop, laptop, notepad and mobile sized devices
  • Can control timing of when the bar appears and if and when it disappears
  • Can add a shadow and a subtle(ish) bounce effect to attract visitor attention on arrival of the bar
  • Can apply bar to footer instead of header
  • Added setting to hide bar on home page
  • Added setting to show bar only on the home page
  • In Genesis Club Post Settings you can switch the Top Bar off for selected posts and on for selected pages
  • In Genesis Club Archive Settings you can switch the Top Bar off for selected archives –NEW–


  • Include responsive clickable logo image in the title instead of text and tagline with settable ALT tag
  • Exclude logo from Pinterest sharing
  • Change “read more…” label
  • Change “read more” prefix (default is …)
  • Add custom class for “read more” text (e.g. make the link look like a button)
  • Change commentary label “Leave A Reply” in HTML5 sites and “Speak Your Mind” in XHTML sites
  • Remove comment form notices
  • Change breadcrumb labels such as “You are here” and “Archives for”
  • Remove postinfo and postmeta from all standard pages
  • Remove postinfo and postmeta from all archive pages
  • Control the post info and post meta on your archive pages
  • Change or remove the content in the postinfo and postmeta sections at the top and bottom of each post
  • Selectively include post dates so your site does not appear out of date using new shortcodes: [genesis_club_recent_update] and [genesis_club_post_dates]
  • Add extra widget areas at the top or foot of the “entry” on single posts/pages (i.e. above the post title or below the post comments)
  • Add extra widget areas at the top or foot of the “entry content” on posts/pages (i.e. below the post info or before the post comments)
  • Add extra widget areas at the top or foot of each archive page
  • Add extra widget areas at the top or foot of the “content” on any page
  • Customize your WordPress login with a background image, logo, user label and button color.
  • Set background color and opacity on WordPress login form
  • Set button color and button text color on WordPress login form –NEW–
  • Add clearfix class which can be placed on the container of floated elements so anything that comes after is unaffected
  • Use dropcaps class to create a big capital letter on the first paragraph on the page
  • Single click to add screen_reader_text support for old themes
  • Single click to remove unwanted emoji support
  • Disable breadcrumbs on specific archives
  • Specify an except image to use for all posts on your archive images (if you require a consistent look)
  • Control the sort order of your archive pages
  • Control the post info and post meta on your archive pages
  • Redirect your archive page to another page
  • Hide features on selected pages or posts: e.g the page title, various widget areas, breadcrumbs, or to disable auto-paragraphing, or to exclude the page from the site search. For example, you may want to not have landing pages, “thank you” pages and any download pages appear on a site search


  • Easy to add Google Fonts
  • Easy to use Google Font Effects


  • Embed a Google Calendar on your page where the users can adjust the timezone so they can see your meetings and webinars scheduled in their own time zone
  • The [genesis_club_calendar] shortcode allows you to use multiple calendars, with different sizes and color settings


  • Enables Simple Social Icons plugin to have multiple widgets on the same page with different sizes
  • Use [simple-social-icons] short code to allow inclusion of social icons in the body of a post
  • Updated to use SVG files rather than fonts for icons –NEW–


  • Add a responsive hamburger menu icon which appears at a size of device you can configure which can be applied to to your primary, secondary and/or header navigation areas
  • Can choose to locate the expanded menu to the left, to the right or below the hamburger
  • Can add a search box at the end of the primary, secondary or header right navigation areas


  • Genesis Club Post Images Widget displays a gallery of attached images sidebar widget with optional lightbox for showing random selection of photos where you have many photos attached to a post.
  • Genesis Club Post Specific Widget allows you to add widget content in the Post Editor for a widget that is only displayed on that page. The widget can be placed immediately above or below the post content or in the sidebar (or in fact in any widget area)
  • Genesis Club Text Widget has two titles, so each widget can have a unique title on the Widgets Dashboard making it instantly identifiable, and have a public widget title with an optional link, break or span
  • Genesis Club Posts Widget allows you to display post titles, featurd images and exceprts, targeting just the posts you want with its powerful selection by post type, taxonomy, with individual post inclusion and exclusions
  • Genesis Club Posts Widget has been enhanced to have a configurable number of posts per row, and has additional CSS classes for formatting excerpts and read more links –
  • Added shortcode genesis_club_more which displays a styled Read More Link
  • Added filter genesis_club_excerpt which allows you to override post excerpts in the Genesis Club Posts Widget


  • Use alternative 404 page
  • Migrate Yoast SEO 301 Redirects
  • Migrate SEO titles, descriptions, noindex, nofollow from Genesis to Yoast
  • Migrate SEO titles, descriptions, noindex, nofollow Yoast to Genesis
  • Add support for Facebook opengraph tags to the Genesis to Yoast and SEO and Yoast to Genesis migrations
  • Override Facebook OpenGraph settings provided the SEO Framework plugin with those set up in the Social Module above
  • Add support for Google Tag Manager –NEW–
  • Add support for Clicky –NEW–
  • Add option to remove version numbers from script and stylesheet SRC querystrings – good for GTMetrix scores –NEW–


  • Add an author signature at the foot of each post
  • Can click the checkbox in the Post Editor to exclude or include an automatic signature on individual posts and pages
  • With the [genesis_club_signature] shortcode you can position the signature anywhere in the post and hence you can use a PS and a PPS


  • Set your Facebook AppId to avoid script warnings
  • Set your Facebook locale/language — NEW —
  • With a single click set up extra Facebook friendly sizes to that when you upload photos you get thumbnails that are sized for Facebook
  • With a single click set up WordPress default sizes thumbnail, medium and large to be Facebook friendly proportioned at 1.91:1
  • Genesis Club Facebook page widget with fixed height and width or autofit and options for cover photo, small header, show faces and show posts
  • Set up OpenGraph title , description and image to use from promotion of page on Facebook
  • Specify title, image and description to use on Facebook when promoting your category/tag archive pages (requires WordPress SEO Framework Plugin) — NEW —
  • Genesis Club Facebook Comments widget allows you to use Facebook to manage comments –NEW–


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Author: Russell Jamieson

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