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The Geolocation plugin allows WordPress users to geotag their posts using the Edit Post page or any geo-enabled WordPress mobile applications such as WordPress for iPhone, WordPress for Android, or WordPress for BlackBerry.

Visitors see a short description of the address either before, after, or at a custom location within the post. Hovering over the address reveals a map that displays the post’s exact location. If one would only like to show a textual version without accessing any external services when visitors see a post, one can enable a “plain” mode to prevent external access except for authors to set a particular location.

Since Google changed their policy in terms of maps usage, one needs to have a Goole Maps API key to use this plugin.
You may obtain a key via google cloud plattform. Make sure, you have activated “Maps JavaScript API” as well as “Geocoding API”.

Author: Yann Michel

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