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13 569 websitesFree WordPress Google Map Shortcode plugin by Alain Gonzalez

This plugin allows to include instances of Google Maps in your blogs with a simple editor button. You can insert maps everywhere: in your theme files, posts and pages. The points can include custom title, description, marker and thumbnail. The plugin is designed to allow multiple interactions with the users: Animations, Slideshows, Scrolls and more.

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Special Features:

  • Multiple features allowed like slideshows and scrolls, to interact with the maps.
  • The plugin can handle large number of map points.
  • Points can be added using address or coordinates.
  • Addresses in different languages allowed.
  • Simple editor button to include points and maps into the posts and pages.
  • Custom markers.
  • Based on Google Maps Javascript API Version 3.
  • Faster and more applicable to mobile devices.
  • Maps in multiple languages.
  • Points under categories can be included.
  • You can customize the html of the info window box on the settings.
  • The plugin is based on WordPress shortcode and allows many options like: initial zoom, width, height, categories, post ID, specific address, marker and thumbnail.

Plugin Languages:

Please contact me [alaingoga at gmail] in order to include your language within the plugin package.

Author: Alain Gonzalez

Tags: categories, Google Maps, map, maps, shortcode

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