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HTML5 Responsive FAQ plugin makes it easy for you to FAQs on your site. Fully compatible with all responsive themes. Create multiple category FAQs, and use them either all together in one page or category wise. Options to customize the look and feel of the FAqs to match your theme style.
Adding a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section to your website, either as a full page or even just as a sidebar widget, can be a crucial tool to help your customers get the answers they need, fast. Asked Questions can be a one-stop-shop for staff, users, and anyone else who may need answers. A well written Frequently Asked Questions page can give users the answers they need without reading tedious documentation.
Now FAQs with Sorting Options.

HTML5 Responsive FAQ Plugin Features:

  1. SEO-friendly plugin, You can select your heading types for FAQs.
  2. Responsive FAQs.
  3. Accordion styles to hide/show faq.
  4. Add multiple Categories to faq.
  5. Easy to use and customize the design, color, font size etc to match your theme.
  6. Option to add custom title for each category set.
  7. FAQs can be used with Visual Composer or other content composer plugins.
  8. Easy shortcode to use.
  9. Easy to configure faqs in admin section.
  10. Fully compatible with all mordern and old responsive designs.
  11. Custom sorting options for FAQs.

For more support visit HTML5 Responsive FAQ plugin page. We will be glad to help you.

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How to add FAQs on your site:

  1. Add this [hrf_faqs] shortcode to the page/post where you want to show all FAQs list.
  2. Add this [hrf_faqs category='uncategorized'] shortcode to the page/post where you want to show specific category FAQs.
  3. Add this [hrf_faqs category='uncategorized,wordpress,plugins'] shortcode to the page/post where you want to show multiple category FAQs.
  4. [hrf_faqs category='uncategorized,wordpress,plugins'  title='My Awesome Title'] shortcode to the page/post where you want to show category FAQs with title/heading. 


  1. Click 'Responsive FAQ' menu option in WordPress admin.
  2. If you have created any category, enter your category title font size.
  3. Enter text color code of question.
  4. Enter background color code of question.
  5. Enter text size of question in pixels.
  6. Select heading type for question.
  7. Enter text color code of answer.
  8. Enter background color code of answer.
  9. Enter text size of question in answer.
  10. Select style of bullet.
  11. Enter Background color code of bullet.
  12. Enter gap between 2 FAQs in pixels.
  13. Save Changes.

Author: Aman Verma

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