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This plugin allows your visitors to simply like/recommend your posts instead of comment on it.

Features of I Recommend This

  • A counter to display the number of “like” and to vote.
  • A widget and a function to display the X most liked posts.
  • Saves Cookie as well as users IP address to disable voting on the same post again.
  • Displays Number of likes on Post Edit page along with sorting option. HSG
  • A preference pane with some options.

** Advanced Options **

  • Hide count if count is zero
  • Set a default messages when count is zero, one or more
  • Choose between a “Thumbs Up” or a “Heart” icon to allow post recommending.
  • Disable plugin CSS to allow you to add your own styling rules
  • Disable saving of IP address in the table.

** Shortcodes **

  • Add the voting link to any page using shortcodes
  • Display specific number of most recommended posts of all time or from a specific time period with support for custom post types.

Examples of how the plugin has been used


If you have created your own language pack (or have an update of an existing one) you can send in your .PO and .MO files so we can bundle it into I Recommend This plugin. You can download the latest POT file, and PO files in each language.

This plugin is based exactly on Benoit “LeBen” Burgener’s “I Like This” Plugin and has been modified after getting requests for the changes I had made on my website.

Please report any bugs you find via Support Forum or via comment on

** For Developers **

If you’re a developer and want to contribute, head over to I Recommend This plugin on GitHub

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Author: Harish Chouhan, Themeist

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