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Add one of these seven types of email list-builders to your WordPress website:

  • Popup Opt-In Forms: Prompt your visitors to opt in without annoying them. You can set Infusionsoft’s popup opt-in forms to appear automatically after a specific amount of time, after visitors reach a particular point on your page, or even after visitors leave a comment or make a purchase.

  • Slide-In Opt-In Forms: The slide-in form is the pop-up’s smooth, subtle cousin. It slides in at the bottom of your visitor’s screen, and can be set to appear after a specific time or at a specific point on the page.

  • Widget Opt-In Forms: Use widget forms to create attractive opt-in forms for your sidebar, footer, or any other widget-friendly areas on your site.

  • Protected Content Opt-In Forms: Offering valuable content in exchange for an email address is one of the most effective ways to grow your email list. Protected content forms allow you to offer content your visitors can “unlock” by opting in.

  • Below Content Opt-In Forms: You can use “Below Content” forms to place an opt-in opportunity at the end of your blog posts or pages. Visitors who have read an entire post are highly engaged, so this is an effective way to turn that engagement into a conversion.

  • Inline Opt-In Forms: Want to insert an opt-in form in the middle of a blog post, rather than the end? Inline forms make it easy. You can display these forms virtually anywhere you’d like on any post or page on your website.

  • Notification/Opt-In Bar: Increase your opt-ins, announce your promotions and drive traffic to the pages of your choice with our attention grabbing top-of-page banner.

You can find out how all of your opt-in forms are performing right inside your Infusionsoft dashboard. We provide elegant visualizations of your conversion rates, impressions, subscriber counts, and more, so you can track your performance at a glance.

You can also run split tests with Infusionsoft’s built-in split testing feature to discover what resonates with your audience and maximize your conversion rates.

Additional documentation can be found on our help center


  • Direct integration with the campaign builder with a new WordPress goal (see screenshot #4)
  • Compatible with any WordPress theme
  • All opt-in forms are 100% mobile responsive. You also have the option of disabling them on mobile, or hiding images on mobile.
  • Built-in A/B split testing
  • 100+ beautiful opt-in form templates, all of them 100% customizable
  • Built-in analytics dashboard so you can see how each of your popups and email lists is performing
  • 10 different animations to choose from
  • Time-based, scroll-based, and several action-based triggers for your popups
  • Post, page, and category filtering so you can control exactly where and when your opt-in forms appear
  • Easily customize colors, text, images, and more on every opt-in form.
  • Insert custom CSS on any opt-in form.
  • Import/export your custom plugin settings so you can transfer what you’ve created to any other Infusionsoft account.

Infusionsoft Opt-In Forms is a fork of the Bloom Plugin by Elegant Themes released under GNU Public License version 2.0.

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