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1 894 websitesFree WordPress jQuery Archive List Widget plugin by Miguel Angel Useche Castro

This plugin provides a widget and a filter to display a collapsible archive list in your sidebar or posts using the jQuery JS library.


  1. Display a collapsed list of your archives to reduce space.
  2. Uses jQuery to add effects and to be compatible with most browsers.
  3. Select your expand/collapse symbol and date format.
  4. Support for archive filters.
  5. Auto expands current/select year from posts.
  6. Select the categories to exclude
  7. Multiple instances support.
  8. Shortcode support [jQueryArchiveList]
  9. Generates valid HTML5 code.
  10. Supports multiple languages.
  11. Compatible with most JS caché and minify plugins.
  12. And more to come…


  • Title: title of the widget.
  • Trigger Symbol: characters to be displayed as bullet.
  • Effect: jQuery’s effect to use.
  • Expand: when to expand the content of the list.
  • Month Format: month’s display format of the month.
  • Show number of posts: display how many post are published in the year or in the month.
  • Show posts under months: show post’s title under months.
  • Only expand/reduce by clicking the symbol: select if animations start when click the link or just the bullet.
  • Exclude categories: Select the categories to exclude.
  • Post type: Lets you choose the custom types besides posts.

Author: Miguel Angel Useche Castro

Tags: ajax,collapse,collapsible,javacript,jquery

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