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520 websitesFree WordPress JQuery Slick Menu Widget plugin by Lee Chestnutt

Creates a widget, which adds a sticky, sliding menu from any standard WordPress custom menu using jQuery. Can handle multiple slick menus on each page and the location of each menu can be easily set from the widget control panel using a combination of the “location” option and the “offset”. The plugin also includes shortcodes, which allow you to add external text links to activate the sliding menu.

Menu Options

The widget has several parameters that can be configured to help cutomise the sliding menu:

  • Tab Text – Enter the text that you would like to use for the menu tab.
  • Location – This sets the location of the slide out menu in the browser window. There are 6 different locations to choose from:
    • Top Left
    • Top Right
    • Bottom Left
    • Bottom Right
    • Left
    • Right
  • Offset – The number of pixels from the edge of the browser window.
  • Animation Speed – The speed at which the slide out menu will open/close
  • Auto-Close Menu – If checked, the menu will automatically slide closed when the user clicks anywhere in the browser
  • Skin – 12 different sample skins for styling the slick container are available to give examples of css that can be used to style your own slick menu.


The plugin includes the feature to add text links within your site content that will open/close the floating tab.

  1. [dcsl-link] – default link, which will toggle the menu open/closed with the link text “Click Here”.
  2. [dcsl-link text=”Slick Menu”] – toggle the menu open/closed with the link text “Slick Menu”.
  3. [dcsl-link action=”open”] – open the menu with the default link text.
  4. [dcsl-link action=”close”] – close the menu with the default link text.

See demo

Author: Lee Chestnutt

Tags: flyout, jquery, menu, sliding, vertical

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