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This plugin adds a “Credit” field when uploading media to posts and displays it under the images on your blog to properly credit the artist.

When adding media through the Media Uploader tool or editing media already in the Media Library, this plugin adds a new field to the media form that allows users to assign credit for given media to a user of your blog (assisted with autocomplete) or to any freeform text (e.g. courtesy photos, etc.).

When this media is then inserted into a post, a new shortcode, [media-credit], surrounds the media, inside of any caption, with the provided media credit information. Media credit inside this shortcode is then displayed on your blog under your media with the class .media-credit, which has some default styling but which you can customize to your heart’s content.

You can also display all the media by an author on the author’s page. See more in the FAQ.

This plugin provides a few options which appear on the Media page under Settings. These options are:

  • Separator
  • Organization
  • Display credits after post


This is best explained with an example. With a separator of ” | ” and an organization of The Daily Times, media inserted will be followed with a credit line appearing as follows, with the username linking to the author page for that user:

John Smith | The Daily Times

Further explanation

Separator: These are the characters that separate the display name for a user on your blog from the name of the organization, as described below. The default separator is ” | ” but feel free to change this to suit your needs.

Organization: This is what appears after the separator as listed above. The default organization is the name of your blog.

Display credits after post: With this option enabled, media credit shortcodes will not appear by default when inserting media into your posts. Instead, the plugin will look through the content of your posts for any media attachments and display something like the following at the end of each post with the CSS class .media-credit-end:

Images courtesy of John Smith | The Daily Times, Michael Scott and Jane Doe.

In this example, John Smith is a user of your blog, while the latter two credits are not.

Author: Peter Putzer

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