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583 websitesFree WordPress Meta Widget Customizer plugin by Henri Benoit

This plugin provides an alternative to the WordPress Meta widget. It also shows by default the same 5 links (register, login or logout, entries RSS, comments RSS and the link to But it allows you to hide the ones you do not want to see.

Additionally it allows displaying a few other links:
– A password lost link
– Edit this page/post link
– Dashboard (site admin) link
– XHTML validator link

These three links can also be hidden or shown. They will also only display if appropriate (depending on whether the user is logged in, which its rights, the type of page…).

The third improvement is that you can add any number of additional links by selecting a links category to be displayed in the meta box.

Instead of the login/register/password lost links, you can also have a tabbed sub-widget providing all these in-page (not as a link but as a functionality in the widget itself)

You can also display entries from a configurable RSS feed, include a Google search box and allow the site to be translated.

Author: Henri Benoit

Tags: custom, customize, links, meta, widget

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