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Modula Image Gallery is a creative and original WordPress plugin perfect for creating custom, unique, and responsive image galleries. Modula is available in both a Lite/free version and a premium version and it is currently the easiest and fastest photo gallery plugin for WordPress. Directly from its dashboard you are able to build stunning galleries in a few seconds, unlike many other WordPress plugins.

Try Modula 2.0 Beta

We’ve been working on an awesome update to Modula over the last few months and can’t wait to release it to the public. But, before that can happen, we need the help of amazing users in the WordPress community (just like you) to improve Modula 2.0’s first beta. You can download our new plugin from here.

Below is a video that showcases the new features of Modula 2.0.

See a 60s video of Modula in action

Time-saving features available in the FULL version:

  • Use more than 20 images per gallery
  • Get access to gallery filters. Each image can have one or more filters.
  • Get access to 5 more lightbox libraries & effects with the PRO version.
  • Image effects on finishing image loading. Rotate or Horizontally / Vertically slide the images.
  • Get access to more than 15 hover image effects.
  • Priority email support from the developer of the plugin
  • Support and updates for 12 months

Learn more about Modula Full version

See how Modula can integrate with your website

Shortcode Parameters

* id

Plugin is now using the TinyMCE API to improve UI and makes it easy to insert shortcodes!

Basic example

[Modula id="1"]

Some Modula demo applications / usages

Do you wonder why this gallery is the best one? Look at the other galleries, see their demos, you’ll notice something weird … THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME!

Modula is creative! Modula is dynamic! Modula doesn’t always look the same. Just have fun with it! Modula uses a new concept to build its internal grid. After you set a width and a height for the gallery, Modula will create a random but smart grid inside. The result is a dynamic, creative, interesting and attractive gallery.

You can control how much randomness to use in each gallery, so you can obtain a more traditional layout by switching off the “random factor,” or you can make something much more different by incrementing this factor.

Modula is a justified grid gallery because YOU decide the width and the height of the gallery, and the images to put inside. Modula will think about everything else. Images will never exceed their container.

To achieve such a result, images will be cropped, but that’s not a problem at all, because you can set a custom alignment for those images where the subject is not at the center of the image.

Modula Grid Gallery is not only responsive but also fluid, which means you’ll see images organize themselves with an impressive animation even on mobile devices thanks to the CSS3 engine.

Ease of use doesn’t mean trivial galleries, indeed!
By using the Modula Admin Panel you’re able to fine tune every aspect of the gallery. Choose a gallery size, margins between images, the color and the size of captions. Each photo can have a title and a subtitle so you’re able to best describe every image.

What is Modula good for?

Modula is also the best WordPress portfolio plugin, as it allows you to build gorgeous, creative portfolios. Applications are:

  • architecture
  • art
  • photography
  • food blogs
  • pets and animals
  • tattoos
  • travel
  • also wedding albums.

If you’re frustated because your current galleries looks boring and too standard then you can use the importer which is included with Modula. The importer is currently able to import Envira and NextGen galleries.

This plugin is maintained and supported by Macho Themes.
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