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My LiveChat is a free, fastest, high performance and most user-friendly live chat software solution. It allows you to live chat with website visitors, monitor site traffic, and analyze visitors web activities, including their search engine and keyword usage.

Visitors to your web site simply click a Live Help button and are connected with one of your representatives. Your representative then assists the visitor by providing information, links, graphics, or even guiding them through your web site.

The My Live Chat solution is provided on an Application Service Provider (ASP) basis. This means there is no hardware to install and you can get started instantly.

It is 100% Free!

It’s hard to believe that such a polished, professional and popular product can be free. At My Live Chat, we use the most effective technologies to provide highest quality at minimum price. This is why we are able to offer you totally free edition and low-priced premium version.

Higher Conversion

Invite website visitors to chat with you in a private, one-on-one environment. Proactive invitations turn more visitors into buyers and decrease number of customers who leave without purchase.

Live Visitor Monitoring

Allows real time traffic monitoring, see who is browsing your site. Monitor real time traffic, see visitors path, referrers, current page. Find the visitors with the best potential and invite them to chat.

Plugin Highlights:

High Reliability, Scalability and High Load Support

  • My LiveChat is powered by Cute Chat, the #1 web chat software.
  • Powered by a reliable chat engine. It’s still being actively developed.
  • It can support hundreds of web chat rooms and thousands of visitors.

Flexible Customization

  • Customize button and window to match the look of your site
  • A series of professionally designed built-in templates are also provided.

Easy to install

  • It only takes a few minutes!
  • During the free trial period all features are fully available.
  • When you subscribe, all customizations and settings will remain.

Reasonable Prices

  • We offer more features with lower price.
  • It is the best value you can find on the Internet!
  • Free version is also available!

Hosted Solution

  • Hosted on MyLiveChat’s servers for maximum performance
  • Support thousands of visitors without any degradation in response time.


  • Free version is limited to 1 agent and 1 department.
  • Upgrade for additional capacity and support

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After installing and configuring the plugin, you can take chats by logging into the agent console or web agent console. Once you log into the agent console MyLiveChat detects your status and changes the chat widget status on your wordpress site to “live” mode so your visitors can directly chat with your from your website.

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