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Embed 360° Panoramas on your site with PanoPress

PanoPress is a free WordPress plugin for displaying 360 degree panoramas created with KRPano, Pano2VR, Kolor Panotour & Panotour Pro, Flash Panorama Player & Flashificator, PTGui, Saladoplayer & similar apps, and also displays legacy QTVR files in flash via CuTy (CuTy must be downloaded separately).

PanoPress also supports 360 degree and other panoramas hosted on sites like,,,, etc

Supports Flash & HTML5 Panoramas

PanoPress supports Flash & HTML5 panoramas created by the applications listed above, PanoPress is fully compatible with Apple’s iPad & iPhone, as well as Android and similar mobile or tablet devices which support HTML5 or Flash, PanoPress will also support WebGL Panoramas when they are supported by Krpano & Pano2VR later in 2013

Supports all modern 360° Panorama and other stitched image formats

PanoPress is compatible with 360° spherical panoramas, partial panoramas, flat panoramas, 360 degree video, gigapixel, multi res, & deep zoom panoramas, 360° object movies, virtual tours containing multiple panoramas linked via hotspots and audio or video, custom xml files, global swf+js & skin files, panoramas hosted on another server including Amazon S3 & other CDN, VPS, & other cloud services, and more.

Supports responsive wordpress themes and modern web browsers on desktop, tablets & mobile

PanoPress is compatible with all modern desktop and mobile browsers including Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, as well as iPad & other tablets and all iPhone & Android browsers.

PanoPress 1.1 and higher supports percentage and pixel based widths & heights for better compatibility with responsive wordpress themes

Panorama Embedding Options

PanoPress supports direct inline embedding of panoramas, preview images, multiple panoramas on one page can be opened one at a time by automatically closing previously opened panoramas to avoid memory issues on desktop & mobile devices, and our own “PanoBox” built in lightbox clone.

Customize PanoPress to match your site

PanoPress & PanoBox display can be fully customized via CSS

Created by and for Panoramic Photographers

PanoPress is written & developed by panoramic photographers Omer Calev & Sam Rohn

Known Issues / Bugs

See the PanoPress Forums for latest info


  1. Deactivate the PanoPress plugin using the plugins page in your WordPress admin

Author: Omer Calev & Sam Rohn

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