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Manage the New Facebook Pixel With Just a Few Clicks. WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads integration.

The New Facebook Pixel can be a very powerful tool for anyone doing Facebook ads, and with the PixelYourSite plugin, you can unleash its real potential.

Take a look at this video to see the plugin in action:

GDPR update

PixelYourSite manages the Facebook pixel tracking code. Chances are that you have other scripts or third-party cookies running on your website (embedded videos, ad networks, chats, etc). In order to be GDPR compliant, you’ll need to implement a technical solution that will inform and obtain consent for all your tracking scripts and cookies, not just the Facebook pixel. That’s why we don’t have an individual solution to ask consent for our plugin only. We will offer a few ways to integrate with other existing cookie policy plugins.

Find more about the Facebook pixel and GDPR here

PixelYourSite will help you insert the Facebook pixel code on every page of your site with just one click and set up Custom or Standard Events.

E-commerce Ready

There is an automatic WooCommerce integration that will configure all the necessary standard events for you. You don’t have to add any event yourself.

Easy Digital Downloads is also supported.

Facebook Dynamic Ads (Promote a product catalog) is fully supported for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads, with ViewContent, AddToCart and Purchase events being added on the corresponding pages (content_ids and content_type are pulled automatically by the plugin).

The plugin is Custom Audience Super-Friendly, extracting content_name, post_type, content_ids, content_category on every page of your site. Tags and product tags are tracked by the pro version of the plugin.

You’ll find a Learning Section on our website, with helpful articles that answer to our users common (and sometimes uncommon) questions, together with top-notch “how to” pages.

Find more info about how to use the FB pixel plugin – Click here

Not ready to install yet? Read on some of the key features that make PYS a powerful tool in any Facebook marketer arsenal.

PixelYourSite Key Features:

  • You can insert the pixel on every page of your website with just ONE click. No need to edit any posts or pages

  • Optimise your site for Facebook Custom Audiences. We add a special event (GeneralEvent) on every page that will send key parameters to Facebook, like content name, content ID, category name and post type. You can use it to create super-powerful Custom Audiences to retarget with your ads, or to expand your reach with Lookalike Audiences.

How to use the GeneralEvent

1. Custom Audiences

The GeneralEvent will have the following parameters:

  • post_id
  • post_type (it will pull the WordPress post type, like post, category and so on)
  • content_category (for posts, it will show the post category)
  • domain (it will pull the domain name – useful if you are using the pixel on more than one sites)
  • tags – pro version

Example: you can create a Custom Audience from people that viewed articles from one specific category in the last 30 days or people that visited articles having one or more tags, a particular page (using the name or the ID), or content that has a particular word in the name.

2. Custom Conversions

Example: You can define a Custom Conversion when someone reads at least 3 articles from a particular category, or when it lands on a specific page, or on any article that has a particular tag.

  • Search Event on the search page with the search string pulled as a parameter – super useful for creating search based Custom Audiences

How to use the Search Event:

Retargeting the users that performed a search on your site is a smart strategy because this is a highly engaged audience that knows you and it’s interested in what you offer.

It can be a good idea to go a little further and create Custom Audiences based on a few important keywords that potential buyers might search for.

  • Delay Events, so you don’t spend your money on retargeting bouncing visitors.

  • You can turn ON/OFF the pixel based on user roles (remove it for admins, editors and so on)

  • You can set up and track Standard or Custom Events and add parameters for each of them

  • All the events will have a domain name parameter, so you can easily create Custom Audiences from events when you have more than one site

Superb WooCommerce Integration

Tested with the latest WooCommerce version.

  • You can insert the Facebook pixel and start tracking events on any WooCommerce website with just a few clicks (Purchase, ViewContent, AddToCart, InitiateCheckout, ViewCategory)

  • Out of the box Facebook Dynamic Ads (promote a product catalog) pixel setup for your WooCommerce website (we also have a dedicated feed plugin for Facebook Dynamic Ads Product Catalog)

  • Flexible AddToCart Event: the event will fire by default on add to cart button clicks. Ajax buttons are supported. Additionally, the event can be fired on the Cart Page, or on the Checkout Page (useful for some particular web structures).

  • Track conversion value for WooCommerce – each event can use the product price as value. You can turn it on or off.

Easy Digital Downloads Integration

  • You can insert the Facebook pixel and start tracking events on any Easy Digital Downloads website with just a few clicks (Purchase, ViewContent, AddToCart, InitiateCheckout)

  • Out of the box Facebook Dynamic Ads (promote a product catalog) pixel setup for your Easy Digital Downloads website.

  • Dynamic AddToCart is fully supported (the AddToCart event will fire on add to cart button click)

  • Track conversion value for Easy Digital Downloads

  • You can turn ON/OFF each Easy Digital Downloads event.

Pro Version

If you are serious about your Facebook ads, you’ll love our pro version

Improved Custom Audiences & Custom Conversions

  • Traffic Source and URL tags (UTM) are added to all the events and you can use them to create Custom Audiences based on where your visitors are coming from. It is possible to track a particular Facebook Ad too.

You can create Custom Audiences based on where the traffic is coming from, like Google, Facebook or a particular referrer.

Additionally, if you are using URL parameters they will be tracked and added as parameters for all your events. This is extremely useful because you can create Custom Audiences from people coming from a particular ad or campaign, for example.

Find out more on how the pro version can help you with Custom Conversion and Custom Audiences

  • NEW: The ClickEvent – It will fire EVERY TIME a click is made on your site. Use it for Custom Audiences or Custom Conversions. Find more here

  • NEW: Head/Footer scripts – Add any script you want with our Head/Footer option. It also works on the WooCommerce thank you page. Find more here

  • NEW: WatchVideo Event – This event will fire on embedded videos on your site. It can be used to optimize your ads for video views or to retarget your video watchers using Custom Audiences. Find more here

Dynamic Events

Optimise your Facebook Campaigns for actions on your website with dynamic events. You can fire them:

  • When a URL is clicked
  • When a CSS element is clicked (any form button, for example)
  • When the mouse is moved over a page element
  • On page scroll (scroll percent).

Works with almost all forms or pop-up plugins.

Fire a Dynamic Event when the visitor performs a key action on your site and optimize your ads for that event (perfect for affiliate sites, newsletter signups and so on).

Additionally, you can create Custom Audiences based on these dynamic events and retarget them.

Find out more about PixelYourSite Pro events here

Advanced Matching

This FB feature increases the chances to correctly identify users visiting your website without being logged to their Facebook accounts. The plugin will automatically send to Facebook the data you have about the visitors (email, first name, second name, phone, address info).

Improved WooCommerce & Easy Digital Downloads Integration

  • Customise each event value: You can include or exclude tax and shipping, you can use the product price, a percent of the product price, or a global value. Using the proper event value can improve your ads delivery and ROI.

  • Delay the WooCommerce & EDD ViewContent Event, so you don’t spend your money on retargeting bouncing visitors.

  • Super-Powerful Custom Audiences for WooCommerce: – we automatically track product name, product category, and product tags. You can use them to create highly targeted Custom Audiences for improved retargeting campaigns.

  • Improved Purchase Event – The purchase event will have payment and shipping methods, client city, state, and country, plus use of coupons and coupons names tracked as parameters.

With the Improved Purchased Event you can create extremely useful Custom Audiences and retarget them with highly efficient ads.
Example: Clients that bought products from category X for at least $100 and that never used coupon ABC.

Retargeting this audience with products from the same or similar category and give them the coupon ABC might be a winning strategy.

  • Advance Matching is supported for all the events – it will work best for your Purchase event because we will use the client data directly.

  • WooCommerce Affiliate Products Events: you can add a dynamic event that will trigger on affiliate button clicks.

  • WooCommerce PayPal Standard Events: you can add a dynamic AddPaymentInfo event that will trigger on WooCommerce PayPal button clicks.

Find more on the WooCommerce integration here

Find more on the EDD integration here

The Super-Pack

Pixel Helper Errors

If you are testing your pixel with Pixel Helper Chrome Extension, it is possible that you will see some errors:

Facebook Pixel can’t match products

It means that the product ID is not found in a Dynamic Ads Product Catalog. If you are not doing Dynamic Ads, or if that event is not Dynamic Ads related, then you are fine. Otherwise, check your product catalog feed and make sure that the product ID is present in there.

For more details on how to use Facebook Pixel Helper and how to interpret its reported errors read this special Pixel Helper article

Let’s start now! Join other thousands of users and install the plugin, because it is easy to use, and will help you with your Facebook campaigns for real

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