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963 websitesFree WordPress Podlove Web Player plugin by Podlove Team

This is part of the “Podlove” initiative for a better podcasting experience. See for more information.

There are basically four ways to use the Podlove Web Player:

1) as a Standalone Player

You won’t need any of the PHP or WordPress files in this package. Just stick to “standalone.html” and see how it’s done there. Maybe you want to build your very own CMS plugin. If so – let us know!

2) manual WordPress shortcodes

Use a simple shortcode in your posts and pages, and the Podlove Web Player will appear, playing any media file you want to assign. Basic usage:

[podloveaudio src=”″ duration=”03:33″ title=”My track”]

3) WordPress enclosures

The WordPress plugin searches for media enclosures in your existing posts and renders a web player automatically. Works like a charme, even for Blubrry PowerPress users.

4) as part of the Podlove Podcast Publisher

This player is bundled with the “PPP” project and should be automatically rendered, so you don’t have to worry about anything.


The Podlove Web Player is built from the Podlove Team.

It uses sources from MediaElement.js, jQuery and jQuery hashchange event.

The used icons are built in as fonts and provided by Font Awesome, Zocial, Iconic, Elusive, Linecons, Entypo, Web Symbols, Modern Pictograms.

Author: Podlove Team

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