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Quotes Collection plugin helps you collect, manage and display your favourite quotations in your WordPress website or blog.

New in 2.0

  • New and improved admin interface
  • Import/Export your collection of quotes in JSON format
  • Multi-widget support
  • Cleaner uninstall
  • Many other improvements

Note: If you are upgrading to 2.0 from an older version, you will have to re-add the widget and set the widget options once again after upgradation.

Features and notes

  • Admin interface: An admin interface to add, edit, import, export and generally manage the collection of quotes.
  • Sidebar widget: The Random Quote sidebar widget that will display a random quote from your collection and a refresh link at the bottom. As many number of instances of the widget can be added. Following is the list of options in the widget control panel:
    • Widget title
    • Option to show/hide quote author
    • Option to show/hide quote source
    • Turn on/off the refresh feature
    • Choose random or sequential order for refresh
    • Option to refresh the quote automatically
    • Show only quotes with certain tags
    • Specify a character limit and filter out bigger quotes
  • Shortcode: Quotes can be displayed in a WordPress page by placing a [quotcoll]shortcode. Few examples are provided below. For more examples and the full list of arguments, please refer ‘other notes’.
    • Placing [quotcoll] in the page displays all quotes.
    • [quotcoll author="Somebody"] displays quotes authored by Somebody.
    • [quotcoll tags="tag1,tag2,tag3"] displays quotes tagged tag1 or tag2 or tag3, one or more or all of these
    • [quotcoll orderby="random" limit=1] displays a random quote
  • The template function: To code the random quote functionality directly into a template file, the template function quotescollection_quote() can be used. Please refer the plugin homepage or ‘other notes’ for details.
  • Import/Export your collection of quotes in JSON format (new in 2.0).
  • The plugin suppports localization. Refer the plugin page or ‘other notes’ for the full list of available languages and the respective translators.

The [quotcoll] shortcode

Quotes can be displayed in a page by placing the shortcode [quotcoll]. This will display all the public quotes ordered by the quote id.

Different attributes can be specified to customize the way the quotes are displayed. Here’s the list of attributes:

  • id (integer)

    • For example, [quotcoll id=3] displays a single quote, the id of which is 3. If there is no quote with the id 3, nothing is displayed.
    • This overrides all other attributes. That is, if id attribute is specified, any other attribute specified is ignored.
  • author (string)

    • [quotcoll author="Somebody"] displays all quotes authored by ‘Somebody’.
  • source (string)

    • [quotcoll source="Something"] displays all quotes from the source ‘Something’.
  • tags (string, comma separated)

    • [quotcoll tags="tag1"] displays all quotes tagged ‘tag1’.
    • [quotcoll tags="tag1, tag2, tag3"] displays quotes tagged ‘tag1’ or ‘tag2’ or ‘tag3’, one or more or all of these.
    • [quotcoll author="Somebody" tags="tag1"] displays quotes authored by ‘Somebody’ AND tagged ‘tag1’.
  • orderby (string)

    • When multiple quotes are displayed, the quotes or ordered based on this value. The value can be either of these:
      • ‘quote_id’ (default)
      • ‘author’
      • ‘source’
      • ‘time_added’
      • ‘random’
  • order (string)

    • The value can be either ‘ASC’ (default) or ‘DESC’, for ascending and descending order respectively.
    • For example, [quotcoll orderby="time_added" order="DESC"] will display all the quotes in the order of date added, latest first and the earliest last.
  • paging (boolean)

    • The values can be:
      • false (or 0) (default)
      • true (or 1) — introduces paging. This is used in conjunction with limit_per_page (see below).
    • For example, [quotcoll paging=true limit_per_page=30] will introduce paging with maximum of 30 quotes per page.
    • Note: if orderby="random" is used, paging is ignored.
  • limit_per_page (integer)

    • The maximum number of quotes to be displayed in a page when paging is introduced, as described above.
    • The defualt value is 10. For example, [quotcoll paging=true] will introduce paging with maximum of 10 quotes per page.
  • limit (integer)

    • The maximum number of quotes to be displayed in a single page ie., when paging is ‘false’.
    • This can be used, for example, to display just a random quote. [quotcoll orderby="random" limit=1]

The quotescollection_quote() template function

The quotescollection_quote() template function can be used to display a random quote in places other than sidebar.

Usage: <?php quotescollection_quote($arguments); ?>

The list of parameters (arguments) that can be passed on to this function:

  • show_author (boolean)

    • To show/hide the author name
      • true – shows the author name (default)
      • false – hides the author name
  • show_source (boolean)

    • To show/hide the source field
      • true – shows the source
      • false – hides the source (default)
  • ajax_refresh (boolean)

    • To show/hide the ‘Next quote’ refresh link
      • true – shows the refresh link (default)
      • false – hides the hides the refresh link
  • random (boolean)

    • Refresh the quote in random or sequential order
      • true – random refresh (default)
      • false – sequential, with the latest quote first
  • auto_refresh (boolean/integer)

    • To refresh the quote automatically
      • true – auto refresh every 5 seconds
      • false – auto refresh is off (default)
      • integer – auto refresh is on, and the number provided will be the refresh interval, in seconds.
        • For example, <?php quotescollection_quote( array( 'auto_refresh' => 3 ) ); ?> will refresh the quote every 3 seconds.
  • tags (string)

    • Comma separated list of tags. Only quotes with one or more of these tags will be shown.
  • char_limit (integer)

    • Quotes with number of characters more than this value will be filtered out. This is useful if you don’t want to display long quotes using this function. The default value is 500.
  • echo (boolean)

    • To echo or return the quote
      • true – the quote is echoed, ie., printed out
      • false – the quote block is returned as a string, the user can catch the string in a variable and output it wherever they please.

Example usage:

  • <?php quotescollection_quote(); ?>

    • Uses the default values for the parameters. Shows author, hides source, shows the ‘Next quote’ link, no tags filtering, no character limit, displays the quote.
  • <?php quotescollection_quote( array( 'show_author' => false, 'show_source' => true, 'tags' => 'fun,fav' ) ); ?>

    • Hides author, shows source, only quotes tagged with ‘fun’ or ‘fav’ or both are shown. ‘Next quote’ link is shown (default) and no character limit (default).
  • <?php quotescollection_quote( array( 'ajax_refresh' => false, 'char_limit' => 300 ) ); ?>

    • The ‘Next quote’ link is not shown, quotes with number of characters greater that 300 are left out.


    Versions 1.1 and greater support localization. As of the current version, localization is available in the following languages (code / language / author):

  • ar / Arabic / Ahmed Alharfi

  • be_BY / Belarusian / Alexander Ovsov
  • bg_BG / Bulgarian / Martin Petrov
  • bs_BA / Bosnian / Vukasin Stojkov
  • cs_CZ / Czech / Josef Ondruch
  • da_DK / Danish / Rune Clausen
  • de_DE / German / Tobias Koch
  • el / Greek / Spiros Doikas
  • es_ES / Spanish / Germán L. Martínez (Gershu)
  • et_EE / Estonian / Iflexion
  • fa_IR / Persian / Ehsan SH
  • fi_FI / Finnish / Jussi Ruokomäki
  • fr_FR / French / psykotik, Laurent Naudier
  • he_IL / Hebrew / Tailor Vijay
  • hi_IN / Hindi / Ashish J.
  • hr_HR / Croatian / 1984da
  • hu_HU / Hungarian / KOOS, Tamas
  • id_ID / Bahasa Indonesia / Kelayang
  • it_IT / Italian / Gianni Diurno (aka gidibao)
  • ja / Japanese / Urepko Asaba
  • lt_LT / Lithuanian / Lulilo
  • lv_LV / Latvian / Maris Svirksts
  • mk_MK / Macedonian / Diana
  • nb_NO / Norwegian (Bokmål) / Christian K. Nordtømme
  • nl_NL / Dutch / Guido van der Leest, Kristof Vercruyssen
  • pl_PL / Polish / Marcin Gucia
  • pt_BR / Brazilian Portugese / Tzor More
  • pt_PT / Portugese / Djamilo Jacinto
  • ro_RO / Romanian / Alexander Ovsov
  • ru_RU / Russian / Andrew Malarchuk
  • sk_SK / Slovak / Stefan Stieranka
  • sr_RS / Serbian / Vukasin Stojkov
  • sv_SE / Swedish / Julian Kommunikation
  • ta_IN / Tamil / Srini
  • tr_TR / Turkish / Gürkan Gür
  • uk_UA / Ukrainian / Stas
  • zh_CN / Simplified Chinese / 天毅许

You can translate the plugin in your language if it’s not done already. The localization template file (quotes-collection.pot) can be found in the ‘languages’ folder of the plugin. After translating send the localized files to the plugin author so that it’s included in the next update. If you are not sure how to go about translating, contact the plugin author.

Author: Srini G

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