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2 344 websitesFree WordPress SEO Facebook Comment plugin by Fabio Zaffani

What This Plugin Does?

SEO Facebook Comments embeds a Facebook Comment Form on your blog and also looks at each of your blog posts searching for Facebook Comments already posted. All new found comments will be added to WordPress Database.

Remember: You don’t need to use any other Facebook Comment plugin with this one, SEO Facebook Comments will do all that is needed for you.

Why this is so Good

Among many advantages, you will have all your WordPress Comments widgets and plugins still working since all the comments will also be at your database.

Also, even if Facebook goes down or slow it won’ affect the loading of your site content.

And what is the SEO benefit?

Normally the Facebook comment system is embed into your page through an iframe. Because of that Google can’t read those comments or associate then with your page.

This plugin changes all that by adding and loading all the comments on your page through your WordPress Database like the rest of your site.

It will not hurt my server performance?

What makes this plugin shine is that it is very low server resources intensive. It will search for Facebook Comments specific to blog posts
only when those posts are loaded. This will save your server from any stress situation or overload.

Incredible Easy to Install

All you need to do is enable the plugin, set its configuration with facebook (app id, secret and admin id) and it will already start adding all the facebook comments
to your WordPress while the users visit your blog posts pages

Author: Fabio Zaffani

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