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This plugin provides a very flexible way to show posts anywhere on a site using a shortcode. It works with any theme. Weaver Show Posts is by far the most flexible with an easy to use interface to select which posts to show.

Note: this plugin was formerly named ATW Show Posts. There is no difference in functionality between the versions.

Easy to select which posts to show

There are several WordPress plugins that allow you to display selected posts via shortcode on your pages, other posts, or in widgets.

This plugin provides a powerful interactive admin page that allows you to specify exactly which posts you want displayed. The specifications are called a “filter”, and you can define as many filters as you need to display different posts via the shortcode. Includes support for custom post types and taxonomies.

Style of Displayed Posts

Weaver Show Posts will normally display posts using its own basic display functions. These can be easily styled to match the rest
of your site by defining Custom CSS rules in the Custom CSS option.

But Weaver Show Posts can go way beyond that. For many Themes, you can elect to use the native Theme Post formatting function.
The posts displayed by Show Posts will match other posts displayed by your theme. If you are using the Weaver Xtreme or Weaver II
themes, there is even more integrated display of posts.

Show Posts in a Text Widget

You can add [show_posts] to the standard Text Widget. If your theme or other plugin doesn’t add this capability, Weaver Show Posts
includes an option to allow the Text Widget to support shortcodes.

The Shortcode

The form of the shortcode is:

[show_posts filter=filter-name]

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